7 Signs Your Roof is Failing & It’s Time to Call an Expert

Do you know how to tell if your roof is failing? CONTENT BY HAMMER NAIL ROOFING


Protect your home, family and save a fortune in damage by familiarizing yourself with the 7 warning signs that will cause your roof to break.

Here in central Georgia, your roof plays an important role in protecting you and your family from the elements. In particular, it is your protection against the summer heat, the winter cold and the occasional storm.

Unfortunately for your roof, it can only endure so much wear and tear from Mother Nature and Fatherhood that it eventually begins to fail.

A roof that breaks or begins to fail can cost a small fortune in home repairs due to structural damage and mold. Molds that are harmful to you, your family, and the health of your loved ones.

Luckily, Warner Robins Native – David Bowden of Hammer Nail Roofing LLC is sharing the 7 warning signs that your roof is failing.

The most common indicator that you need to replace your roof is when you’ve had it for a long time. Your roof is not immortal; Asphalt shingle / composite roofs typically have a lifespan of around 18 to 20 years.

As you near the 20 year mark, this is your mark. It is time to reach out to a roof replacement expert (478-257-5121) who can help you make an informed decision.

Sign # 2. Damaged clapboard

The condition of your shingles is your main indicator that it is time for a roof replacement. Sure, a few shingles can damage over time. In that case, you can easily replace them. But if you have more than a few missing or puckering shingles, it’s a clear sign it’s time to turn to the experts.

Shingles can deteriorate from scorching heat, UV rays, and thermal heat. So you should be careful if you live in an area with a particularly warm climate. Broken, torn, and torn shingles are also signs that it is time to bring in a roof replacement expert.

Sign # 3. Leaks or damp spots inside

Your roof should protect you from the weather. So if you discover leaks or wet spots in your home, your roof is obviously not doing its job.

Sure, leaks and wet spots can be more than just a hassle. Water leaks can cause structural damage, as well as deadly mold, which can create potentially serious health concerns.

Mold is especially nasty in that it can hide in insulation and other areas of your attic. Be on the lookout for signs of water seeping in and contact a roof replacement professional as soon as you discover a leak.

Can you see any discoloration on the ceiling? If so, this is your sign it is time to call a roofer for inspection at 478-257-5121.

Sign # 4. Interior discoloration

Indoor discoloration is a critical indicator that there is a roof leak or that your roof has reached this critical age.

If you see dark spots, marks, or discoloration in your ceiling it could be a sign of long-term water damage and leaks. Not only does this affect the aesthetics of your home, but it also shows that your water damage can be worse than you previously thought. Discoloration can also indicate that mold or moisture is hiding behind your walls.

Familiar with discoloration on the walls? It’s time to get a free estimate from a roofer.

Sign # 5. Problems with the flashing chimney

There are several areas of your roof that are prone to damage and allow outside elements to penetrate. The protective material around the base of your chimney on your roof is called flashing. It has to be sturdy and waterproof to keep rain out. If your chimney is covered in cement or tar, it might be a good idea to replace it with metal bolts or fix it.

A roof replacement expert can help you determine whether or not damage to your flashing is an indicator of major structural problems in your roof. Chimney flashing problems can also cause heat to leak out of your home and skyrocket your energy bills. Hiring a professional to replace your roof can save you money in the long run.

Do you need someone to come out and look at your lightning bolts around your chimney? Call us at: 478-257-5121.

Your roof is built to withstand the damage caused by strong wind, rain or hail. However, it is important to keep an eye on the health of your roof after every storm as your roof can only withstand so much.

High winds can damage your shingles or damage your lightning, while hail damage can cause dents, bumps, or holes that can lead to leaks.

Rain damage is one of the worst types of storm damage as it can expose the inside of your roof to moisture and cause mold.

The bottom line is that storms and storms damaged the shingles, lightning and sealants, and exposed the interior of your home to water damage. You should urgently treat water damage by calling your local roofer.

Sign # 7. Your neighbors are replacing theirs

It might not make a lot of sense to replace your roof just because your neighbors are, but there is actually an important reason why it is.

Most houses in a given area are usually built in the same period. This means that all of the roofs need to be replaced at approximately the same time. If you’re not sure when your roof was last replaced and everyone around you is getting a new roof, this is a great indicator that your roof is nearing the end of its life.

Do any of these characters sound familiar to you? If so, what should be done next?

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