A Broken Labor Market: An App to Fix It

Arrived Workforce Connections is a cutting-edge digital platform designed with a single goal; Bridge between great people and great work.

Arrived simplifies the complex world of recruiting and job search by providing the speed, transparency and flexibility not possible with traditional recruiting methods. This is achieved through the company’s platform, which proactively matches people using a mobile app with the work available based on preferences and skills. The app is a white label offer, ie it can be found in app stores under the brand of an employer or an agency and thus creates a sustainable connection to your talent pool.

Technology gives workers what they crave most: control. Workers can work where they want, when they want, with the opportunity to expand their skills with jobs that match their career goals. You will be automatically notified when new opportunities become available. These characteristics create a synergistic relationship between companies and workers that is seldom seen in the labor market.

Agencies and employers know that the process of getting people to work often doesn’t work. Arrived’s platform solves many details of the “last mile” with functions such as automated shift transfer and dynamic planning, which avoids friction losses in the recruiting and placement process.

Jennifer Byrne, CEO of Arrived Workforce Connections, believes technology needs to empower both employers and employees. She says: “The labor shortage that companies face is not due to a shortage of skilled labor. The problem is, most HR technologies are only optimized for employers and leave employees behind. In today’s job market, we have to focus on the workers if we are to fill millions of vacancies. Our platform addresses the needs of recruiters and employers while giving them the tools to put their people first, which makes the difference in recruiting the best person for a position. “

Competition between companies for great workers will only increase. Agencies and employers cannot use yesterday’s tools to successfully recruit in today’s job market. Instead, they need to adopt a digital platform that will help them hire and retain the best talent in the market. Companies can visit www.arrivedjobs.com to learn more and request a demo.

About Arrived Workforce Connections, formerly gigRonin:

In today’s tight job market, getting people to work is a top priority for any company. Arrived Workforce Connections’ HR platform builds connections between employees and the work they want by matching them with curated vacancies and automating the delivery process. Arrived introduces the art of connecting great people with great work.

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