A Creative Couple Shares How They Built Their ‘Jungle Gym House’ in L.A.

Interior of the dining room, kitchen and entrance in the background. The bar / console was individually designed by Open for Humans.

Interior of the entrance with a view of the living room and the outside terrace in the background. The planters come from the Case Study Ceramics range from Modernica, the ottoman from Hem and the couch from HD Buttercup.

Since moving in last May, the two of them have also been using their house as a studio. “Like most people, home has become our whole world. We feel like we’re in a spaceship, ”says Melanie. “Converting the second bedroom into an office with built-in desks was a playful decision, and we’re so glad we both work from home. I have also turned the loft area into my fitness room with a mirror, yoga mat, meditation cushion and Pilates equipment. “

All interior areas reflect the couple’s personality and tastes. “They are minimal and no frills and a kind of unisex, with male and female energy,” says Melanie. When we moved in, we felt so small compared to living so long in a skyscraper. There’s room to breathe, but it’s not overwhelming to care for and deal with. Having a vegetable garden was so therapeutic too. ”

After spending many hours thinking about every detail, Melanie and Todd can now enjoy their beloved, very personal home, which has become both their urban refuge and an inspiring place.

During the pandemic, Melanie and Todd turned their attic into a meditation room. The meditation cushions are from Walden.

⚒ Do it yourself

Use a piece of furniture to separate different areas in the same room. In their LA home, Melanie and Todd designed the entertainment / bar facility to separate the dining room and living room without closing them off, creating continuity.

Introduce lots of plants to bring in some freshness. The presence of vegetation in Melanie and Todd’s house adds some pops of color. Using different types of plants and flowers can help transform the space.

Create a multifunctional space. It can be a guest room / office, study / yoga room, or TV room / library. Designing flexible spaces is a great way to adapt your home to new needs.

Interior of the master bedroom and office corner. The mirror is from Crate & Barrel and the Vitra Wiggle stool from Frank Gehry was specially made.

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