Addiction Treatment Center’s Roof Offers Great Aesthetics, Low Maintenance

The Wellbridge Addiction Treatment and Research Center is located on a 96 acre campus and consists of six composite roof buildings. Photos: DaVinci roof landscapes

Take Exit 69 off the Long Island Expressway and you will immediately find the stunning new Wellbridge Addiction Treatment and Research Center. The 96 acre campus in Calverton, New York consists of six buildings, all of which have a composite roof over the roof.

The 80-bed facility, which opened in April 2020, comprises a two-story main building. This structure houses the primary treatment facility, laboratories, nursing departments and the auditorium. It also has a dining room, chapel, and a variety of offices.

The massive main building is connected to other buildings via paved garden paths. The 13,000 square meter campus includes a building for short-term care, a wellness center, a center for creative expression and a maintenance building.

“We designed this complex to be low-maintenance,” says Ron Whelan, Senior Project Manager at Engel Burman. “The DaVinci Roofscapes Composite Shake product meets our requirements. We want the outside of the building to be as easy to maintain as possible. “

“Our company has used DaVinci synthetic roofing products in the past,” explains Whelan. “The Bristal Assisted Living project in Garden City, New York, also includes DaVinci’s low-maintenance roof tiles. The product looks fine in both facilities. I believe it’s a beautiful composite roofing product that seems to withstand the environment without fading or other problems. “

Biggest project so far

Shortly after the start of the project, the team from Premier Building & Renovations Corp. consulted. Their job was to install the DaVinci Bellaforté Shake roofs on the structures while they were being built. Their work started in February 2019 and was completed 10 months later in October.

“This is the largest DaVinci project we have ever undertaken,” said Robert Foreman, owner of Premier Building & Renovations Corp. “We had ten employees who worked continuously on this project. The Bellaforté Shake product is great for working. It is lightweight and easy to install. “

Premier Building & Renovations is proud to cite this project as an example of the company’s excellent workmanship. “In the five years we’ve installed DaVinci composite roof tiles, we have an average of three or four large projects a year,” says Foreman. “No matter how many roofs we build in the future, this project will last for many years to come. The Weathered Gray Shake tiles give this building complex a uniform and unique look. The composite Shake bricks look great and provide the owners with the low maintenance roof they wanted. “


Designer: Engel Burman, Jericho, New York,

Roofer: Premier Building & Renovations Corp., Farmingdale, New York,


Synthetic shake: Bellaforté Shake, DaVinci Roofscapes,

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