APR Roofing goes the extra step to transform your home

Mar 2 – WINDHAM – Even a pandemic can’t stop local roofer and home improvement owner Scott DaRos from producing quality work.

It was a record year for business for APR Roofing and Home Improvements LLC, according to DaRos, who opened their APR Roofing and Home Improvements business in South Windham six years ago.

“In the beginning (of COVID-19) it was difficult,” said DaRos. “But in general we had a record year.”

Regardless of the situation or time of year, homeowners will always find something that needs fixing, DaRos said, adding that he and his staff are following local, state, and federal guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“We can do business at a very safe distance,” said DaRos.

APR Roofing offers year-round services to homeowners and small business owners which, according to DaRos, not only express the company’s attention to detail, but are also offered at affordable prices.

“We offer a wide range of home improvement services. We roof, siding and build on everything, whether it’s a carport, a garage or a house,” said DaRos.

These services can include the construction and replacement of terraces and railings, remodeling, advice on treatment / repair and project appraisals.

“We did our job really well,” said DaRos, referring to the roofing skills of his crew.

“I’m excited about what we do and that extends to my boys too.”

Customers can work comfortably with DaRos and its crews as the company is qualified to sell and install a wide range of project materials, thus handling everything from a single source.

One material that has grown in popularity over the past year is metal, according to DaRos.

Metal roofing materials like metal shingles and metal stitching have become increasingly in demand due to their durability and affordability. With a lifespan of around 60 years, metal roofing products seem to outperform materials like asphalt and cedar, which DaRos says have a lifespan of around 30 and 15 years, respectively.

The story goes on

Metal materials are also made in almost any color, so the homeowner can choose from a wide range of colors.

“What sets us apart from other contractors is that they deliver quantity and I deliver quality,” said DaRos.

DaRos is based in Willington and is a graduate of Windham Technical High School. He has been reading blueprints since he was 17.

“Building a house not only gives me great pleasure, but also joy and happiness when I see the homeowner’s dreams develop,” said DaRos.

While working with clients, DaRos said he often offers advice and tips on how to keep the exterior of the house in tip-top condition, such as the importance of limiting the number of evergreen trees around the house to prevent moss formation .

“It’s not always about roofs. It’s about taking that extra step to protect your bushes, lots, sidewalks and cars,” DaRos said.

APR Roofing offers free estimates and budget-friendly payment options, including zero percent financing options.

“We stand behind our work, everything is done according to the current building standards and we have a wide range of payment options,” said DaRos.

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What sets us apart from other contractors is that they deliver quantity and I deliver quality.

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