At a glance: Muskogee City Council — Public Works and Finance committees | News

During the regular meetings of the Muskogee Public Works and Finance committees on Monday and a special session of the Muskogee City Council, the city councils took the following actions:



• Approved minutes of the public works committee meeting on December 2nd.

• Approved Preliminary Plat of Walnut Creek Addition consisting of 127 lots over 30 acres on South Country Club Road.

• Approved Ordinance 4086-A on Real Estate Re-zoning on South Country Club Road from A, Agricultural District to PUD, Planed Unit Development District, and authorized personnel to revise the zoning map to reflect this change.

• Accepted projects completed under Oklahoma Department of Commerce Contracts 16756 CDBG 16 and 17034 CDBG 17 and approved all payments due.

• Approved Ordinance No. 4087-A, Amendment of Chapter 2, Administration, Amendment of Article V, Panels and Commissions; Add Division 16, Contractor Pre-Qualification Committee, Sections 2-550, Definitions; 2-551, board member; 2-552, General Requirements; 2-553, fees; 2-554 Certificate of Conformity; through precaution, revocability and declaration of an emergency or taking other necessary measures.

• Approved the appointment of Alderman Alex Reynolds to serve on the Board of Directors of the Muskogee City Foundation, serving the unexpired term of Alderman Jaime Stout from January 7th to August 31st.


• Approved finance committee minutes of the December 2nd meeting.

• Approved claims for all municipal departments from November 23rd to December 26th.

• Approved the lowest ground zero roofing bid for Station # 3 roof repair for $ 41,500.

• Approved the lowest bid to Today’s Roofing for the roof repair of Hangar # 1 at Hatbox Field for $ 54,800.

• Approved the award of a contract to the lowest and best bidder, Daris Contractors LLC, for the wastewater treatment plant HVAC remediation project for $ 322,600.

• Approved purchase of materials from Core & Main LP and Utility Supply Co. based on lowest and best bids for water distribution materials of $ 188,648.16 and $ 141,524.71, respectively.

• Approved Oklahoma State Contract pricing for J&R Equipment LLC of Oklahoma City to purchase four Peterbilt garbage trucks with Labrie automated bodies for 2020 for $ 285,246 each, for a total of $ 1,140,984, for use in the Solid waste department.

• Approved Kirby-Smith Machinery Inc.’s Oklahoma State Contract pricing for the purchase of a $ 36,460 Falcon 4-ton truck asphalt hotbox for use in the Street Division.

• Approved Matching Grant funds for the Roxy Theater Community Trust totaling $ 3,595.26.

• Approved receipt of donation funds for the shelter sponsorship program for the months of October and November 2019 of $ 2,708.74.


• Appointed City Attorney to research and prepare a report to be presented at the next available meeting on possible litigation related to the 1984 Urban Renewal Board plan relating to the Arrowhead Mall area.

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