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The former Obama speechwriter was “preventively frustrated” with Biden’s efforts to promote unity

President Obama’s former speechwriter says he is “preventively frustrated” with President Biden’s efforts to find unity with Republicans. What They Say: Cody Keenan told Axios that Biden’s messaging team “struck the right chords” but at one point “they” we have to answer questions like, “Why didn’t you achieve unity?” when there is an entire political party already acting to prevent this from happening. “Get smarter and faster with the news that CEOs, entrepreneurs and political leaders read. Sign up for Axios newsletters here. Keenan wrote for Obama for 14 years, including eight years alongside Biden. He admitted,” being bitter with his own experience, especially after Senator Mitch McConnell promised to make his former boss a presidential term for a term. “By the time the Republican Party shows up and tells its own constituents what really happens to the truth, it will be tough Be tangible, “said Keenan.” It is not up to (President Biden) to deliver alone. He can’t. “Keenan helped Obama with the first volume of his memoir,” A Promised Land. “He stopped working with the former president on New Year’s Eve and has taken on a full-time position at Fenway Strategies. The company is being run by another ex-Obama – Speechwriter – Jon Favreau – and President’s Advisor Tommy Vietor. * “It just seemed like a natural place after the book and the elections, and, you know, [Obama] won’t do much, especially with Biden in office, “Keenan said. Keenan is also writing a book called” Grace “about the 10 days from filming in 2015 at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina until The Eulogy, who Obama thought was Rev. Clementa Pinckney. * Obama ended up singing “Amazing Grace.” * The title also nods to Keenan’s newborn daughter, Grace.

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