Baton Rouge Mayor Announces Rapid Roofing Repair Program

From the township of Baton Rouge: Mayor President Sharon Weston Broome is pleased to announce, in partnership with Build Baton Rouge, formerly The East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority, the launch of a new $ 1 million rapid roof repair program called “Roof Reset “is known. The program’s mission is to help residents of the East Baton Rouge community by repairing damaged roofs with funds from the Community Development Block Grants awarded to the community by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

This program is in response to requests from citizens who urgently need a roof repair but cannot afford repairs or, in some cases, a complete roof replacement. The program is run in conjunction with the home rehabilitation program currently administered by Build Baton Rouge.

The announcement is in line with the mayor’s goal to provide the community with a robust and well-coordinated community development program that is committed to the revitalization and future success of the community.

“I am excited to launch this program to meet some of the most pressing housing needs in our community,” said Mayor Broome. “Enabling some of our most vulnerable citizens to improve the condition of their homes is an integral part of our effort to maintain affordable housing in Baton Rouge and I am so grateful to be working with Build Baton Rouge to bring that revitalization to life carry out effort a success. “

By repairing and replacing roofs, the program will be able to provide energy efficient roofs and assist residents with weathering efforts, reducing further dilapidation and significantly lowering the overall cost of future home repairs due to inadequate roofing systems.

“We appreciate the continued support of Mayor Broome and our community elected officials as we expand and find innovative ways to serve our community,” said Christopher J. Tyson, President and CEO of Build Baton Rouge. “We are also excited to continue to administer community development services that meet the needs of so many residents across the borough. Home repair is a critical need in our city and all residents deserve the opportunity to live in a safe and habitable environment Leben is only the first phase of many other initiatives. “

The first phase of the initiative runs from June 6th to September 30th. Applications are accepted until July 31st. Build Baton Rouge will set up application pickup locations at local libraries across town. The program aims to attract a large number of applicants for services as well as interested, skilled roofers with job opportunities.

Because of the use of federal funds, there are income requirements to qualify for the program. For more information on pick-up locations or program details, contact the Build Baton Rouge office at 225-387-5606.

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