Beacon Roofing Supply Inc. (BECN) Breaks into New 52-Week High on February 24 Session

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Beacon Roofing Supply Inc. is a company that manufactures and sells roofing and building materials in the United States and Canada.

Last price
$ 48.99
Last trade

February 24 – 4:00 p.m.

$ 2.03
Percent change
to open
$ 46.88
Back Close
$ 46.96
$ 49.00
$ 46.88
52 week high
$ 49.00
52 weeks low
$ 11.67
Market capitalization
PE ratio

BECN – Market Data & News


Beacon Roofing Supply Inc. (BECN) shares hit a new 52-week high yesterday, hitting a high of $ 49.00. The stock closed at $ 48.99 after opening at $ 46.88, a move of 4.32%. The company now has a market cap of $ 3.4 billion.

Investors and traders can learn a lot about a stock’s momentum when it hits a new 52-week high. For example, bullish investors see a company that has hit its highest price in a year as a sign of momentum and may interpret it as a buy signal. Bearish investors, on the flip side, might see a new 52-week high as the end of a strong run, with the stock potentially peaking before an impending period of decline.

Beacon Roofing Supply Inc.’s new 52-week high was 438,663. The stock has a float of 69.41 million shares and an average daily volume of 45,000. It has a 50-day SMA of $ n / a and a 200-day SMA of $ n / a.

For a complete analysis of Beacon Roofing Supply Inc.’s fundamental analysis, see’s Stock Valuation Analysis report for BECN.

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Beacon Roofing Supply Inc manufactures and sells roofing and building materials in the United States and Canada. Beacon’s main customers include contractors, builders, retailers, wholesalers and building materials suppliers. The company’s product portfolio includes roofing materials for both residential and non-residential buildings, siding, windows and waterproofing systems. The majority of sales are generated with roofing products for residential and non-residential buildings. The vast majority of Beacon’s revenue comes from the United States.

Beacon Roofing Supply Inc. is based in Herndon, VA and employs approximately 7,582 people. Its CEO is Julian G. Francis.

Beacon Roofing Supply Inc. is also included in the Russell 2000 Index, which is invaluable to any small-cap investor. Composed of the smaller 2,000 publicly traded companies of the 3,000 largest companies in America by market capitalization (which together make up the broader Russell 3000 index), the Russell 2000 provides the most complete snapshot of the small cap market of any available index.

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