Belle of Dayton’s Van Buren Room and Branch & Bone to build patio roof additions during COVID.

Belle of Dayton at 122 Van Buren Street in the borough of Oregon produces liquor and has a cocktail bar called the Van Buren Room.

Branch & Bone on Wayne Ave. 905 in the South Park neighborhood is an independent brewery.

Concept plans for the new patio roof for Branch & Bone Artisan Ales. CONTRIBUTION

Belle of Dayton plans to add an approximately 600-square-foot metal, standing seam, timber-framed roof that will be attached to the building, said Holly Hornbeak, a Dayton city planner.

Branch & Bone plans to install a 450 square meter plywood roof terrace with a standing seam metal roof and wooden posts.

Branch & Bone opened in 2018 and opened a terrace in September 2019. The terrace of the Van Buren Room opened last summer.

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