‘Below Deck Galley Talk’ New Series For Bravo For New Year’s Day Preview

Reality TV addicts want to listen: Bravo’s new series Below Deck Galley Talk arrives this New Year’s Day, where the series’ most notorious stars gather to cover past and possible future events.

Think of it as a goggle box for this series where commentary is the focus as the couples review snippets from the show.

Your favorite yachties below deck weigh in below deck in season eight and share their unfiltered, honest opinions while the dramatic moments below deck stand in front of the camera.

A small foretaste of this is available from Bravo and can be accessed here.

About the new Below Deck Bravo series

Among deck franchise stars like Kate Chastain, Bobby Giancola, Colin Macy O’Toole, Amy and Kelley Johnson, and others vying for as many spin-offs as 90-day fiancés, they’ll be returning to hurl the court.

Bravo says:

The eight-episode series follows previous franchise fan favorites including Alex Radcliffe, Amy Johnson, Anastasia Surmava, Bobby Giancola, Colin Macy O’Toole, Connie Arias, Josiah Carter, Julia d’Albert Pusey, Kate Chastain and Kelley Johnson, criticize and give their honest opinions on all of the drama that plays out in recent episodes of Below Deck.

You can sail down the memory lane while the yachties talk about their wildest, most camera-ready moments on the show, making for a fun and nostalgic viewing experience at home.

About the cast couples

• Kate Chastain (Chief Stew, Seasons 2 through 7 below deck) & Connie Arias (Deckhand, Season 3 below deck): Ever since Kate and Connie worked together in their hometown on season three from below decks, they have built a great friendship that even has the same birthday and lives in the same small town in Melbourne, FL. Because of their extensive experience, they have the most brutal honest comment.

• Kelley Johnson (Deckhand, “Below Deck”, Season 2; Bosun, Season 4) & Amy Johnson (Third Stew, “Below Deck”, Season 2; Second Stew, Season 3): As the only brother-sister couple in the Below Deck franchise Fan favorites Amy, a North Carolina resident, and Kelley, Fort Lauderdale, FL., These two are going to have a family reunion. Both have experience with Captain Lee and the current Bosun Eddie.

• Julia d’Albert Pusey (Second Stew, Season 1 “Below Deck Mediterranean”) & Josiah Carter (Second Stew, Season 6 “Below Deck”): Known by fans as two of the best second stews in Unter Deck franchise history, and while Julia and Josiah was there. Various franchises deliver the hilarious British comment and attitude. Julia has a career in fashion and married her boyfriend Matty. Josiah lives with his friend in Manchester, UK.

• Anastasia fatal (Third Stew / Chef, Season 4 “Below Deck Mediterranean”) & Alex Radcliffe (Deckhand, Season 5 “Below Deck Mediterranean”): Anastasia and Alex met in Boston and have quickly become good friends over the past few months. Anastasia will have her unique and empathetic comment on the inside, while Alex will have a great look at Izzy’s journey and a fun comment on crew contacts.

• Colin Macy O’Toole (Deckhand, “Below Deck Mediterranean” Seasons Three-Four) & Bobby Giancola (Deckhand, “Below Deck Mediterranean” Seasons One-Two): Colin and Bobby both officially met in the off-season at various events. The two stayed in contact and visited each other regularly, which makes them the perfect bromance.

Below Deck Galley Talk premieres on Friday, January 1st at 7 p.m. ET / PT on Bravo.

In addition, in the run-up to the premiere, the network will broadcast a New Year’s marathon for the current season from “Below Deck” from 10 am ET / PT to 7 pm ET / PT.

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