Big Bonuses Await New Hires at Flint’s Newest Restaurant & Bar

Jobs Jobs and more jobs. When it comes to the restaurant and bar industry, we’re in the midst of a huge hiring frenzy. You need workers!

With a lack of chefs, servers, and bartenders, many local businesses struggle to keep their doors open to serve their customers. Some even had to close their doors and reduce their working hours due to a lack of staff.

Sauce Italian American Kitchen and the new rooftop bar of the recently opened Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Flint have made it their business to be full and pull out all the stops. Sauce Italian American Kitchen and the soon-to-be-opened Simmer Rooftop Lounge are looking to hire at least 10 new employees to fill multiple positions and are ready to offer a little enticement to encourage applicants.

In a recent Facebook post, the restaurant was promoting employees to fill positions from servers, bartenders, and more, while also offering a bonus incentive. New hires receive a bonus of $ 500. In an interview with Mlive, Dorothy Brown, restaurant manager for Sauce Italian American Kitchen, outlined the bonus program as follows:

“If current employees recommend a job seeker to be hired at the restaurant, the employee receives a bonus of $ 500. If the new employee stays with the company for 90 days, they receive an additional bonus of $ 1,000.”

Brown went on to comment on the success the hotel industry has suffered during the pandemic and staffing has been so difficult.

“Due to COVID and such fluctuations that we have to open and reopen and close, this has put a lot of pressure on the hospitality industry as a whole,” said Brown. “It was quite difficult to keep people or actually bring them here.”

The new Hilton Garden Inn on W. Kearsley Street opened in downtown Flint last fall. The rooftop bar is slated to open sometime in May and will offer great views of the surrounding urban landscape. It’s sure to be a summer hotspot.

If you are interested in getting a great job and a cute bonus, apply here.

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