BILCO Announces New Customer Representative in Upstate New York

BILCO Company announced that it has hired RISE Architectural Sales, LLC as its agent for the sale of construction products for commercial buildings in New York State.

RISE, based in East Amherst, NY, is a professional sales organization focused on providing premium architectural products to commercial construction companies in New York State. RISE also works closely with the architectural community, providing AIA CEU presentations and design support.

BILCO is the manufacturer of specialized access products including skylights, automatic smoke extractors, floor access doors and access security products.

RISE was founded in 1986 by Rick Rollison. His son Jeremy Rollison joined the company in 2013 as the company became one of the most prominent product distributors for architectural products in New York State. Angela Perrine joined RISE as the main owner in 2019 after Rick’s retirement. She runs day-to-day operations, managing relationships with its large roofing base, while working on key accounts. Jeremy Rollison focuses on architecture funding and products marketed to general contractors, glaziers and builders.

“We have been trying to offer BILCO products for a while because they are an old line of products and they make great products,” said Jeremy Rollison. “We let them know we were interested and were excited when we got the call that we would join them.”

“We work a lot with roofers and we have a lot of good relationships across the board,” added Perrine. “We look forward to providing technical support to our customers and using this relationship to build the business for BILCO.”

RISE joins BILCO’s group of independent agents to provide building materials while providing world class customer service, excellent product knowledge and bespoke solutions for demanding projects. BILCO is a wholly owned subsidiary of AmesburyTruth, a division of Tyman PLC. The company has been in the construction industry since 1926 and is considered a pioneer in the development of special access products for commercial and residential construction.

“We are excited to support RISE as our New York State Representative,” said Steve Weyel, Director of Sales and Marketing at BILCO. “We know that RISE will provide the insight, experience and service that sets BILCO apart in the construction market.”

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