Brand Equity at New Kinsley Construction Office

The mission of Kinsley Construction was founded in 1963 and is based on the ancient Greek tradition of the builder who was solely responsible for the planning and construction of the built environment. The founders say: “At Kinsley, we see ourselves as modern builders. When we are involved in a project, we take full responsibility for that project from start to finish. “

This commitment to integrity and excellence has allowed a small, concrete subcontractor to grow into one of the largest general contractors in the area, with locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. All of the company’s facilities are designed to reflect brand equity, including the complete renovation of 27,433 square feet of office space in York, Pennsylvania that recently became Kinsley’s new corporate headquarters.

“As a major partner to the city, Kinsley wanted a greater presence in downtown York,” said Erin Himmelberger, director of architecture at Warehaus, a sister company of Kinsley. “We were hired to refurbish the entire building down to the steel and concrete while embedding the company’s trademarks throughout the building.” She noted that as a family-run construction company that believes in quality workmanship, every product in Kinsley’s building has to be exceptional and powerful.

Kinsley’s corporate management team wanted the builder’s integrity to be reflected throughout the new facility, from entrances to conference rooms to toilet facilities – which were specially designed so that they didn’t look like any other bathroom. Dave Hostetter, owner of Hostetter Supply in Seven Valley, PA, immediately recommended Scranton Products to complement Warhaus’s new, modern open space theme.

“They were definitely not looking for something ‘cookie cutter’ you’d see in the mall,” recalls Hostetter. “They wanted to bring the warm palette of the office space to the bathroom. Scranton Products partitions not only checked all of their design criteria, they also provided superior durability. In recent years, the toilet market has turned a lot away from metal because HDPE partitions won’t rust or dent, making them easy to clean. “

He added, “This was a no-brainer when everyone at Kinsley and Warehaus saw the quality, ease of cleaning and long life of the company’s Aria and Hiny Hider partitions.”

The warehouse designers expanded Kinsley’s corporate colors of black, red, charcoal and light gray throughout the facility, including the bathroom and locker rooms. A total of 4 men’s and women’s toilets with 12 booths were designed with mahogany and orange ria partitions by Scranton Products, while the facility’s in-house gym used the company’s Hiny Hider partitions in the dressing, shower and toilet stalls.

Made of durable HDPE for commercial and institutional environments, Aria Partitions have been developed by Scranton Products to add a higher level of comfort and privacy, elegance, warmth and charm to virtually any closed or private space. This includes removing lines of sight with a continuous edge-mounted hinge and significantly improving the aesthetics of a design that does not use face-mounted hardware like traditional partition systems. Available in 17 innovative door designs, 7 panel designs, and 28 rich colors and textures, Aria has also been recognized for its ability to dramatically improve standard toilet interiors with fascinating, beautiful designs and simple sophistication.

When properly cleaned and maintained, HDPE partitions will reduce costs in the long run. Light stains and general soiling are often removed with a mild detergent and water. Because plastic is a strong composite, it also retains a property of impermeability that does not allow it to retain and / or absorb water. Because of this property, the partitions resist water damage and are rustproof. This makes the stands ideal for washing and cleaning tubing.

The Kinsley project encompassed everything from the color choices to the flooring and building materials, most of which were designed and built in Kinsley’s own manufacturing facility. The effort resulted in a state-of-the-art showpiece that conveys a warm, textured look with an open floor plan, standing desks, soft seating, and window treatments that bathe every room in natural sunlight.

“We were thrilled with the flexibility and design options of the Scranton Products partitions,” explained Himmelberger. “We couldn’t be happier with the results. The enhanced privacy and warm, textured feel of the Aria partitions fit our design perfectly. And our maintenance team loves how easy they are to clean and maintain. “

She added, “Kinsley was so impressed with Scranton Products’ Aria partitions that we were directed to set them up for any future company expansion and renovation.”

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About Scranton Products:

With more than 30 years of experience, Scranton Products is the industry leader in plastic bathroom partitions and lockers. Endless design possibilities and a range of designer colors and textures add confidence and elegant style to any project and leave a lasting impression. Our products are made in the USA and are made of high quality solid plastic. The unsurpassed durability of our products withstands dents, scratches, corrosion, graffiti and mildew. Thanks to our sustainable technologies and industry-leading guarantees, invest in security with our partitions and lockers.

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