Builders’ Merchants News – Home improvement drives annual results success for

The company posted 17% organic growth that is expected to be fueled in the coming months with the recent acquisition of Total Tiles.

The e-commerce specialist for construction and home improvement products again recorded gradual growth compared to the previous year, which is mainly due to the increase in home improvement projects in 2020.

The company released its latest results as of December 31, 2020, showing market share gains leading to impressive sales across all divisions. A strong sign of the builder’s resilience to a challenging environment in 2020, CMO’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization are up 300%.

Overall, the company posted organic growth of 17%, which is expected to be boosted in the coming months with the recent acquisition of Total Tiles, which is experiencing impressive growth rates in its own right. The company’s Doors Superstore again performed exceptionally well, increasing sales by 45%, while the Roofing Superstore saw sales grow 25%.

Jonathan Lamb, Chief Financial Officer, said: “The past year has been a uniquely challenging time for many companies. However, our agility as a retailer of e-commerce construction products enabled us to capitalize on the opportunities that arise from changes in homeowners’ buying habits that continue to disrupt the market.

“This was hinted at in our half-year results where CMO had sales in excess of £ 23 million in our superstores, and this was borne out by our full year results, and EBITDA growth in particular.”

At a time when UK homeowners were running large home improvement projects, CMO was well positioned to capitalize on this trend and make significant investments in customer service to ensure they could showcase themselves at every step of the customer journey.

And with the trend that homeowners are likely to keep improving their properties after the pandemic, CMO has seen more opportunities for future growth and expansion.

Managing Director Sue Packer added, “Investing in our e-commerce expertise and people has also increased our customer service capabilities, allowing us to position ourselves as the preferred partner for larger home improvement projects.

“Our goal is to support customer projects from start to finish. We want customers to understand that this is where good builds start.”

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