Cabinet Secretary says ‘chatty rat’ leak inquiry unlikely to find source


War rooms and oxygen: India’s IT companies struggle to cope with the COVID-19 surge

BENGALURU (Reuters) – India’s giant IT companies in Bengaluru and other cities have set up COVID-19 “war rooms” to source oxygen, medication and hospital beds for infected workers and keep back rooms running for the world’s largest financial companies. Banks like Goldman Sachs and Standard Chartered, which operate much of their global back office activities in large office parks in Bengaluru, Chennai or Hyderabad, have set up an infrastructure to vaccinate thousands of employees and their families when the age restrictions are lifted on May 1st become. The employees of the major technology service providers Accenture, Infosys and Wipro say that the teams work 13 to 14 hours a day, are under increasing pressure and have difficulty implementing projects, as employees call in sick and take time to meet friends and relatives take care of.

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