Calgary council committee votes to support over $2M for hail-resistant roof rebates

The City of Calgary’s Priorities and Finance Committee voted Tuesday to support more than $ 2 million in a rooftop discount program designed to help reduce the number of homes damaged in major hail storms.

The program would allow Calgarians to apply for $ 3,000 to cover some costs of installing roofs made from hail-resistant materials and add new homes over the course of three years.

It is being considered after hailstorms damaged approximately 32,000 homes in Calgary in summer 2020, most of them in the northeast of the city.

It was one of the costliest natural disasters in Canadian history, with losses of around $ 1.4 billion. From that number, the city estimates that $ 800 million was spent on roofs.

“This program will make Calgary a more resilient city by educating homeowners and industries about the value of resilient materials,” said Kris Dietrich, coordinator for Calgary Building Services.

Invoices are required for the discount

The first six months of the roof discount program would be open to homeowners who were hit by hailstorms in 2020 and then replace their roofs with resilient materials. It would be retroactive from June 2020.

The program would then be extended to all Calgary homeowners who wish to upgrade their roofs with resilient materials.

“Storms are not hit by neighborhoods or quadrants,” said Dietrich. “And we wanted to make sure we were building resilience across the city.”

It is estimated that approximately 660 discounts could be granted in the first year of the program. However, condominiums would be excluded.

Applications would be required to qualify homeowners and decisions about discounts would be made based on availability.

The work would also have to be done by a certified plumber and the owner would prepay the cost. After the work is completed, a discount check will be sent to the owner.

A monitoring report on the progress of the program would be due in 2022. If the program is allowed to continue, the third year would include roofing of new homes.

The program will now go to the city council for further discussion in May.

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