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According to CEO Adam Winger, all Cardinal Roofing shingles installed last year would be twelve times higher than the Eiffel Tower.

However, if you ask Winger what the company does, he won’t say they build, maintain, and repair roofs – he will tell you that Cardinal Roofing does things differently.

“Our processes are different, our products are different and our people are different. We care about our roofs, but we care more about the people below, ”he said.

Each year they help around 1,500 homeowners through direct services, but they also help by educating people about the health of their roof and identifying potential problems before they become serious ones.

“Your roof will tell you a story about its health if you watch out,” said Winger. “Do you find more and more sand granulate in your gutter downpipes? Do you see curled, wrinkled, missing, or raised clapboard? Are there dark streaks running across your roof? All of these signs could indicate that your roof is either aging or damaged. “

Ignoring these issues because you are unaware of them, or simply do not have the time or resources to fix them, can lead to a disastrous situation. However, Cardinal Roofing does its best to resolve these issues as they arise.

“We helped replace the roof of a family in Birmingham for free over the past Christmas. Water flowed into several rooms in the family home, including the bedroom of their two young sons. It was heartbreaking. We changed the family’s life that day, and I couldn’t be more proud of how our team came together. “

Just like a car, routine maintenance can greatly extend the life of your roof. “It has to be serviced constantly to extend its lifespan,” said Winger. “For example, pipe covers may need to be replaced, flashing may need to be resealed, and turbines may need to be replaced. There’s no better time than spring to do annual roof maintenance.

“The force of high winds and the effects of hail in spring and summer can lead to hair breakage (or worse) in shingles,” Winger continued. “Eventually rainwater will find these cracks and cause leaks. This type of damage is rarely seen from the ground. Therefore, after violent storms this season, have your roof checked for damage by a licensed professional. “

Proper roof maintenance can save you money on major repairs in the future and lower your energy costs.

“More time at home means we spend more money heating and cooling our air throughout the day,” said Winger.

Making sure your roof is properly ventilated can reduce these costs.

“A properly ventilated roof not only lowers heating and cooling costs, it also extends the life of your roof. Consider adding vents on the roof edges or having your turbines checked to ensure proper airflow throughout your home. “

If you need maintenance, repairs, or a new roof, you can call Cardinal Roofing or request a free inspection on their website.

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