Carrier Dome project moves fully into next phase; when will we see the new roof on the stadium?

Posted: May 5, 2020 / 2:23 pm EDT
Updated: May 5, 2020 / 5:52 p.m. EDT

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – The Carrier Dome roof replacement project is not slowing down, despite a key phase being completed.

The project has been deemed material by the State of New York and is allowed to continue during the governor’s hiatus in New York.

Work on the huge crown truss on top of the stadium that will help support the new roof has been completed.

“It’s pretty cool to be farther from Syracuse and see this structure and wait for the roof to go up,” said Pete Sala, vice president of facilities and dome managing director of Syracuse University.

The last beam was locked at the end of April and adorned with an American and an SU flag, both of which were flown for every SU soccer game last fall.

Sala told NewsChannel 9, “We had it measured, we knew it would fit perfectly, but it’s not right and it takes about an hour to get it there so it was a huge relief.”

As is the tradition in the construction industry of planting a tree on the highest point of a project, one was placed as a topper on the last piece of steel for the dome crown truss.

When the crown truss is finished, the gigantic crane that had been parked on the west side of the dome for months is no longer needed and was dismantled and used for the next job.

“It’s different, it looks empty, although there is more equipment coming in there, a crane from Pfeifer FabriTec will come in there,” says Sala.

A separate contractor was also brought in to ensure that every screw and bolt on the crown truss is absolutely secure for the next phase.

This next phase is the new roof. According to the roof manufacturer FabriTec, it is a PTFE fiberglass roof. The PTFE fiberglass is much more efficient than the old inflatable fabric material, which allows for lower maintenance costs and risks.

The old roof and support cables are shut down, packed in containers and picked up for recycling. New cables and pipes for the new roof are being laid for the bridge truss.

Sala adds, “You will also see these jacks to lift the new roof into the air as soon as this occurs and there will be a skinless structure on top of it.”

He estimates that the new roof of the building will be built in Syracuse from mid-July. The work is expected to last until August.

“It’s pretty neat, it’s good to see, I think it’ll be great for people when they get back to the stadium,” added Sala NewsChannel 9.

The first shipment of souvenir pieces from the old roof goes to the SU senior class this week as a gift to mark their time on campus.

Regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, the dome should not begin in the dome due to the roof project. This is the first time since the Dome opened that the start will not take place in the famous stadium.

You can follow its construction by clicking here to see a live camera feed of the dome.

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