Casanova cons 73-year-old woman in need of new roof, police say

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A man named Joel Casanova tricked a 73-year-old South Florida woman into believing he was a licensed contractor and paid him thousands of dollars for a roof repair that he never tried, police said.

Casanova, 46, was arrested on Saturday for theft and posed as a licensed contractor.

According to a West Palm Beach police report, Casanova overheard a conversation between the woman and another person about the need to replace the roof in her home and handed her a card that said he was a licensed roofer.

West Palm Beach police said Casanova gave the woman an estimate of $ 7,775 to replace the roof and she hired him to do the job.

Police said the woman gave Casanova two checks – one as a bail and the other as a first installment – but the work never started and a required city permit was never requested. Police said Casanova is also not a licensed contractor in Florida despite having a business card with a license number.


Casanova was released from prison for a $ 3,000 loan.

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