CAUGHT ON CAM: Man offers roof repair services then urinates in bushes

It’s not uncommon to see roof repairs being done in a neighborhood of Jacksonville on the north side, as most are still recovering from Hurricane Irma. However, one homeowner says even though he doesn’t need a new roof, he is sure that after what he caught on camera, he won’t hire a company.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – After Hurricane Irma, several roofers are going door-to-door offering their services to those who need them on the First Coast. However, a homeowner on the north side said he won’t be hiring a roofing company based on what he saw on a surveillance video: an employee peeing in his bushes.

“We had inspected [our roof] after the storms last year and they didn’t find anything, just a few small stains on top, “said homeowner Alex Smith.

Aside from a few minor fixes, Smith said his 14-year-old roof was in good condition.

Other homes in his neighborhood are still seeing repairs from Hurricane Irma, so he wasn’t surprised to see a worker leaving a business card on his door on Tuesday offering roof repair services.

“When they come by, they usually just toss a note on your mailbox or front door,” he said.

This man left a card … and then a little something extra.

“It’s not a toilet, you see a sign somewhere, not me,” he said.

The man can be seen on Smith’s home surveillance “fertilizing” her bushes near the porch.

The man in front of the camera can quickly be seen looking around to see if anyone is nearby and clearly missing the cameras. It’s safe to say he won’t be earning Smith’s business anytime soon.

“Why would I want someone who urinates on my porch in someone’s backyard to come and work on my roof? I won’t spend my dollars there, “he said.” Disciplinary action must be taken. I don’t know what position he is in, but he must be held accountable. “

The company listed on the card has confirmed that the man is handling it, but that’s all they told us.

Smith said he was glad he had this technology and was encouraging others to invest. So if your plants are unexpectedly watered, they will know.

“That’s one of the reasons I got it, and I’m glad I did it to keep track of this type of activity around my house,” he said.

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