Champion Exterior Advises Homeowners On Whether They Should Opt For Roof Repair Or Replacement

New Jersey master roofer Champion Exterior has a blog post on their website recommending the best course of action for homeowners dealing with roof damage. The blog post can be read in full at

On the whole, roofs are often neglected as they are mostly invisible to the residents of the house until something goes wrong. A typical roof can last 10 to 50 years, depending on the material used. Asphalt shingles, the most common roofing material, can last for around 20 years with good care. If the roof starts leaking, it can be a challenge for first-time homeowners dealing with roof problems. Usually the best way forward is to have the problem checked out by a skilled roofer who can do a thorough and accurate assessment of the roof’s condition.

Champion Exterior is a trusted and experienced roofer that New Jersey homeowners can turn to when they have issues that require a roofing surveyor’s appraisal. Readers can find out more about the company and the services it offers on the Facebook page

A roof can be repaired if there is only superficial damage such as wind-torn or damaged shingles or a leak. If there is no structural damage to the roof, new shingles can easily replace the old damaged shingles. A skilled roofer will do their best to match the colors of the existing roof. Most home insurance policies cover roof repairs if the damage was caused by accidents such as animals or natural events such as storms.

A homeowner can take a few steps himself to ensure he doesn’t have to walk to a roofer often. A homeowner can perform regular roof maintenance such as tiling. These preliminary and regular checks will help identify potential structural and roof-related problems before they become a major problem. Aside from the above precautions, homeowners are also advised to keep a home improvement book detailing the repairs the home has undergone.

Sometimes, even after proper maintenance, a vigilant homeowner may overlook some tell-tale signs of a structurally failing roof. In such a situation, a complete or partial roof replacement is the best option. If the house has had a climate catastrophe like a storm or hurricane, or has been hit by hail, strong winds, or lightning, the roof will likely be the first part of the house to give way and need to be replaced.

If the shingles are curling around the edges or the center shingles are peeling off the roof, it is a sign of a deteriorating roof that may need to be replaced. The shingles are becoming more and more fragile and susceptible to wind and lose grains. Shingles, which has lost a significant amount of granules, appears blotchy and becomes prone to damage from UV rays. If the number of shed granules increases dramatically, the roof may need to be replaced.

If the homeowner finds roof shingles in their front yard, rest assured that the roof’s integrity is failing and it is time to get a professional appraisal. Even if the homeowner finds that the roof is permanently mossed, this is a sign that the moss is growing under the shingles and weakening the entire roof structure.

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