Champion Exterior is Offering Roof Maintenance in New Jersey at Affordable Cost

Champion Exterior, a roofing company offering its services in New Jersey, has published a blog post that includes information on how homeowners can get affordable preventive roof maintenance. The blog post can be read in full at

The blog post begins by reminding homeowners that prevention is always better than cure. A roof is an integral part of the house structure and can cost a small fortune if it ever gives way. While there is no control over the weather and the damage caused by natural forces such as storms or hurricanes, homeowners can definitely take a few steps to ensure their roof can withstand the wear and tear of normal life. Regular roof maintenance extends the life of a home and even helps the homeowner get a good return on their property investment in case they ever decide to sell.

Regular roof maintenance can help homeowners avoid leaks and water damage. Water damage can be devastating to any roof regardless of age. Fixing leaks through punctual repairs increases the lifespan of the house roof considerably. Leaky ceilings, if ignored, can cause water to pool and then collapse through the house all at once, damaging valuable furniture, belongings, and floors.

Weather damage from factors such as high winds, torrential rain, sunlight and UV rays can affect most normal roofing materials. Regular inspections and replacement of broken or cracked roof tiles to repair local damage are an effective way to prevent the damage from affecting a larger area.

After all, a sturdy and secure roof will protect the rest of the home from the elements. For example, a weakened roof can cause organic and roofing materials to build up in gutters and downspouts, which can clog and fail the home’s drainage system. Another example that the blog post provides is that water seeps into the wooden structure of the house, saturating the insulation and causing mold and affecting the house’s energy efficiency, resulting in higher energy costs. If the drywall is affected and the leaks get inside the home, electrical lines exposed to dripping water can endanger short circuits, power outages, and even the lives of those on the property.

A professional roofing company like Champion Exterior has the know-how to look for the little details that can later become bigger problems. The average homeowner typically does not have the experience of seeing signs of erosion that may need repair or replacement. Most homeowners need a trusted contractor who can provide an honest analysis of the roof situation and suggest a plan of action to fix the essentials at a reasonable cost. Readers can learn more information about Champion Exterior by following him on his Facebook page at

The blog post then discusses the most important factors influencing the longevity of the roof, such as organic growth of moss, mushrooms and other vegetation, extreme and harsh weather conditions, and environmental conditions such as torrential rain, snow, ice, hail, UV rays from the sun and pollutants , Manufacturing defects, structural movement such as seismic activity, subsidence of the soil and thermal contraction and expansion, roof design defects and imperfections such as structural defects and unsuitable drainage systems and connection plates, and external threats to the integrity of the roof such as overhanging branches.

The company promises a full repair report after the appraisal of a customer’s apartment, in which needs such as re-sealing and / or replacement of piping, re-sealing and / or replacement of damaged or loose shingles, maintenance or replacement of attic fans, inspection of roof ventilation, attic inspection (checking for leaks improper ventilation), repair or replacement of transition plates, inspection of windows above the roof line and inspection of siding on dormers.

Readers looking for a reliable roofer in New Jersey can contact Champion Exteriors at (609) 401-2813. Readers can also find a contact form on the company’s website at

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