Chicago’s Real Restoration Group Expands Into Miami, Delray Beach  – Commercial Observer

Construction company and general contractor based in Chicago Real restoration group expands to South Florida with two new offices in Miami and Delray Beach.

The company is in discussion with Miami landlords about a 2,000-square-foot office and 6,000-10,000-square-foot warehouse. CEO and Founder Morris Gershengorin said Commercial Observer. Further north in Delray Beach, The company is also looking for a 1,500 square foot office.

The new Miami office will be fully operational in about two weeks, Gershengorin said. While he refused to disclose the address because the deal was still ongoing, the asking rents were $ 33 per square foot for a 5-year lease with a 5-year extension option. In Delray Beach, The company can partner with the office developer to acquire an interest in this property.

Real Restoration will hire local professionals for construction and development projects, including affordable housing for workers, high quality residential homes, new construction of single family homes and hospitality projects.

“I think Florida is full of talent,” said Gershengorin. “With the right canvas, it could really demonstrate that talent. We are really looking forward to the work [with this] different architectural style. “

A physical location in Florida is crucial, Gershengorin said, as construction companies and contractors need be on the ground To address issues, detail building designs and ensure clear communication.

Gershengorin pointed out that affordable housing is a top priority for the company, saying it is working to build high quality, affordable housing by reducing the size of units while adding value through amenities.

“People are following the American dream much like they did when my parents came to America,” he said. “Everyone lived in a one bedroom apartment … and it wasn’t a very nice place to live. And it doesn’t have to be like that. ”

“[Affordable housing] is something we believe in. I think the world needs more of this in general. [for] both Chicago and South Florida. ” he said. “We build a lot, some crazy projects that differ architecturally and are super high quality and technologically advanced. I think everyone deserves a piece of it. “

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