Coast tradie fined after no-show to $2300 roofing job

A Sunshine Coast roofer who reported a customer with $ 2,300 and received a 50 percent deposit was fined for failing to show up to complete the deposit.

The Office of Fair Trading sued Peregian Beach man Shane Andrew Voss in court for failing to deliver goods and services within a reasonable time.

Mr. Voss from SV Roofing did not appear personally before the Nambour Magistrates Court on April 19, but pleaded guilty via email.

He was fined $ 1,000 and paid $ 1,150 in compensation for customer and court fees.

No conviction was recorded.

The court was told that Mr. Voss visited the customer’s premises on January 20 last year and agreed to an offer of $ 2,300 for the removal and replacement of gutters.

A deposit of 50 percent was made before the work began.

After paying the deposit, the customer contacted him to find out when he would start work.

Mr Voss replied by text that the production of the required materials had been delayed.

A few days later, the customer texted Mr Voss again to get an update and he replied that the gutter materials had arrived and that he would pick them up.

On February 12th, Mr Voss contacted the consumer to say he would be out the following Saturday or Monday to start work.

After Mr. Voss did not appear on site, the customer tried to contact him several times.

Mr Voss texted them on February 24th saying he or one of his contractors would complete the installation.

However, after the customer had not received a confirmation of the start of the work, he sent another text to Mr. Voss on March 11, in which he requested a refund.

Mr. Voss did not answer.

The customer emailed Mr Voss a few days later and he replied and asked for his bank account details in order to make the refund.

They provided the bank details, but a few days later, after realizing the deposit was not in their bank account, customers sent another email to Mr Voss.

Mr Voss replied to the email with the factors hindering the refund and said he would repay the deposit as soon as he had money this week.

This was the last time the customer had a contact from Mr. Voss and filed a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading.

The Office of Fair Trading’s investigation found that Mr. Voss received a quote for gutter materials from a local roofer on January 31, but did not place an order or pay for any products.

Upon conviction, Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin admitted that Mr Voss had no history and said he was clumsy, unprofessional and doomed to get caught.

Brian Bauer, executive director of fair trade, said it was illegal for a merchant to accept payment for a goods or service and not deliver it under Australian Consumer Law.

He said customers who bought goods or services from a company but did not receive them should contact the retailer first.

If this is unsuccessful, customers could file a complaint with fair trade.

The efforts to ask Mr. Voss for a statement were unsuccessful.

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