Compelling Reasons to Sell a Home for Cash

Every year, millions of Americans choose to put down roots and sell their family homes. Just a few decades ago, both sellers and buyers viewed cash sales as a reason for suspicion. Recently, however, cash sales have become the norm for homeowners who don’t have time to hire a real estate agent and wait weeks, or possibly longer, for the right buyer.

Homeowners looking to sell their homes at competitive prices often spend a small fortune on repairs and upgrades. This approach can take weeks or months of additional time and doesn’t always pay off in the long run. Homeowners who want to sell their homes “as is” rather than doing expensive repairs can Advice from PlacePitch on how to proceed.

Are you sitting on a vacant house that has not been used for years and may require significant work to get ready for occupancy? Selling for cash is still a fantastic option as many buyers buy homes in every state.

Almost everyone has driven past a house in the neighborhood that had been in the courtyard for months with a “For Sale” sign before it received offers. Even if there are many buyers interested in the home, it can take them weeks or more to arrange financing, make quotes, determine contingencies, request viewings, and all of the other steps involved in traditional home sales.

When homeowners sell their properties to real estate investors for cash, they don’t have to worry about waiting forever to receive their payouts. All you have to do is get in touch to arrange a demonstration. The investor will then return a cash-only offer at remarkable speed, often in as little as a day, and expedite the closing process to get the money in the seller’s hand in just a week.

Most of the people who choose to sell their homes through traditional channels know that they have to pay their real estate agents a commission. What they don’t know is that there are all sorts of things hidden costs related to home sales, from paying for repairs, surveys, and inspections, to giving concessions to sellers to get tough sales through.

When homeowners work with real estate investors, they don’t have to worry about hidden costs. There will be no repair and renovation claims, lengthy negotiations with potential buyers, and homeowners will not have to worry about paying commissions. Instead, they are given a clear, market-based offering that is what they are really getting for the property.

Showing a house can be stressful. In most cases, the family needs to keep everything perfectly clean and be ready to leave the house in the blink of an eye if the real estate agent wants to drop by with potential buyers.

When homeowners sell their houses for cash, they don’t have to worry about all of these interruptions in their lives. You can schedule a solo show and then get a cash offer without the hassle of cleaning, staging, or jumping through the hoops to suit real estate agents and buyers.

The sale won’t fail

Most people who buy homes the traditional way take out mortgages to finance their purchase. Unfortunately, these loan applications are not always approved and as a result many sales fail at the last minute. Salespeople then have to start over, creating all sorts of new frustrations when the family is ready to move on.

When homeowners sell their properties to real estate investors, the chances of complications that jeopardize the sale are far less likely. Investors have the money already lined up so they don’t have to deal with banks and fund their purchases. To further sweeten the deal, cash sales typically close much faster than conventional, funded home sales.

Greater flexibility in terms of sales

Most real estate investors are willing to meet sellers on their own terms. For example, if a landlord wants to sell a rental property in which tenants still live, the right investor will buy the property without forcing an eviction. Likewise, homeowners faced with foreclosure or other complicated circumstances tend to find the greater flexibility that cash sales offer real estate investors greatly simplifying their lives.

Sellers who work with cash buyers also have more control over the close date. Unlike traditional buyers, investors do not tend to Contingencies in their offers, which determine when the current residents have to leave. Homeowners who want to sell their homes quickly but need some time to move out can set the closing dates that are right for them without worrying about disrupting the sales process.

Selling in cash gives sellers much more freedom and security. Homeowners can request no-obligation quotes to see what their properties are really worth in today’s market and move forward with sales on their own terms if they choose to. Instead of waiting months to find the right buyer, negotiating, and waiting for deadlines, sellers quickly get their money so they can get on with their lives.

Real estate investors don’t just buy primary residences. They are often just as interested in vacant homes, second homes, seasonal homes and even properties that are at risk of foreclosure. Property owners willing to move on but needing the extra cash from their home sales to get on their feet will find that a cash sale gives them the freedom to proceed on their own terms.

Selling a home doesn’t have to be stressful. When homeowners work with real estate investors, they can get cash offers on their property in a day and have cash in their pockets incredibly quickly. Granted, you may not make quite as much selling as you would if you waited months to find the right buyer, but selling for cash will remove many headaches and hidden fees to make sure the whole process goes smoothly.

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