Composite Shake Available in Three New Colors

Bellaforté, DaVinci Roofscapes’ most affordable shake product, is now available in the three unique colors of the company’s Nature Crafted Collection: Black Oak, Aged Cedar and Mossy Cedar.

The realistic colors of the Nature Crafted Collection, previously available for DaVinci Multi-Width and Single-Width Shake composite roof tiles, have grown in popularity since their introduction a few years ago. Homeowners have been interested in the nature-inspired colors that mimick various progressive aging processes that occur in real shake shingles.

“The Nature Crafted Collection captures the look of a moment and lasts for decades,” said Wendy Bruch, Marketing Manager at DaVinci Roofscapes. “These colors are so popular that we are now extending them to our durable Bellaforté Shake tiles.”

According to the company, DaVinci Roofscapes’ proprietary process technology enables the company to restore the natural warmth and soft patina of the Nature Crafted Collection.

The Black Oakcolor is reminiscent of natural cedar shingles that have been saturated with moisture and mold for many years. The color tells the story of a dark, aged, ripe looking cedar tree in a house. The Aged Cedar color reflects a burnt reddish cedar shade. This color is generally found when transitioning from a new cedar roof to the weathered, deeper tone. Mossy Cedar has a moist, greenish character. While this is achieved in real cedar by moss and lichen, which are not good for the longevity of the roof, the color is one that people want for their natural-looking rocking roofs.

“The Nature Crafted Collection is for people who are true lovers of cedar shake shingles,” said Bruch. “From the very first day the roof tiles are laid, you get the colors you want without having to wait years for the aging process. The colors are remarkably realistic and will be “held” on the roof for a lifetime. Best of all, people with composite roofs don’t have the maintenance or deterioration issues they would normally have with real cedar shingles. “

Bellaforté Shake is designed to be an affordable, top quality shake shingle that will withstand hail, bumps, decay and fire. Since it was launched on the market, it has grown in popularity. The authentic-looking composite shake tiles will resist splitting, cracking, curling and fading. In addition, they are designed to withstand mold, algae, fungi and insects.

“Imagine a cedar roof tile that is not negatively affected by time or weather,” said Bruch. “This is Bellaforté Shake. There are no problems dealing with problems associated with real wood. Homeowners get all of the perks of looking like a real shake, but with a lifetime limited material warranty. Compared to other roof options, the appeal of a Bellaforté Shake product made from black oak, aged cedar, or mossy cedar is appealing. Available at an affordable price, with the natural cedar look and none of the ongoing maintenance issues of real cedar. The result is impressive. “

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