Construction Debris Removal System – Roofing

Quantum Smart Solutions, LLC offers the Smart Chute, a rubble removal system designed for both roofing and demolition work. The slide sections were primarily made of stainless aluminum and stainless steel and were designed to nest inside each other for ease of assembly and transportation. The various slide plates snap into place along the rails during assembly. At the top, the system is attached to the structure with heavy duty hinges that allow debris to enter either a dumpster or directly into a truck at a downward angle.

The Smart Chute is designed to make it easier to remove dirt up to four stories high. It is designed to make the demolition process more efficient by sending dirt straight to the collection point. The material is only handled once, which avoids wasted man-hours. In conjunction with Quantum’s own Eave Stops, the Smart Chute systems provide additional protection for customers’ assets and contribute to a safer environment on the construction site. Eave stoppers are installed directly on the eaves and are intended to prevent dirt from falling off the roof and dirt from collecting in gutter systems. They are 8 feet long and 1 foot high and are made of thick aluminum so they will never rust. They’re also designed with an extra bend for strength and durability. Vinyl Eave Stop Labels are also available to display your company logo and contact information and to promote your business.

The Smart Chute is offered in lengths of 20 and 40 feet, and each system is adaptable to virtually any job site. The Smart Chute is patented in both the USA and Canada.

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