Country’s oldest female WWII veteran from Ludlow receives new roof

LUDLOW, Massachusetts (WWLP) – The country’s oldest female World War II veteran lives here in western Massachusetts and people have donated a new roof to go over her head!

The oldest living World War II veteran in the United States received a brand new roof on her Ludlow home as part of a veterans aid program.

Ludlow residents gather to honor veterans on Memorial Day

“She fought for our freedoms that we have here in the US and she needs a new roof, there’s no doubt about that, so we’re just giving back to someone who gave us.” Brian Rudd, owner of Vista Home Improvement

Dorothy’s mother Helen Martowski is 100 years old. She served in the Navy in Washington DC. Helen was selected to receive the free new roof through a partnership with Habitat for Mankind.

“I’m still surprised, very surprised in a very good way.” Dorothy Musante, daughter of a veteran

Her daughter Dorothy submitted Helen’s information for the project after she asked for a more energy efficient home for her mother.

“Being as old and frail as she is, she likes to be warm and the heating bills are pretty warm.” Dorothy Musante, daughter of a veteran

The Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project is donating the materials and Vista Home Improvement has donated the manpower.

To date, Owens Corning has donated more than 250 roofs across the country through this project.

“I love my vets. I hope she’s excited, I’m sure she will be. ”Mark Fragoso, Vista Home Improvement Project Leader

Veteran boat team watches Memorial Day with lights on the Connecticut River

The project is run at the national level to show gratitude and honor those who have served and their families. Helen’s daughter emphasizes that advocacy is important for veterans.

“Seniors, veterans, are an important part of our society.” Dorothy Musante, daughter of a veteran

Vista Home Improvement says they will unveil the new roof to Helen on Thursday.

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