CREW San Francisco Announces New President

CREW San Francisco Announces New President | Commercial construction and renovation

CREW San Francisco announces new president

In recognition of her commitment to advancing women in real estate, Lada Kocherovsky, AIA, has been named President of CREW San Francisco, where her role will lead to the Environmental and Social Policy Advancement (ESG) mission.

Kocherovsky is a longtime member of the CREW Chapter of San Francisco and a former board member. He is a principal at Page & Turnbull, a women-majority company known nationwide for architecture, design, planning and conservation. As President of CREW SF, Kocherovsky will focus on working with Capital Heads in 2021 to realize her mission to develop and nurture women as leaders in the commercial real estate industry.

“We pride ourselves on making environmental and social policy our priority, focusing on principles for responsible investment, sustainability and climate change in the built community, and ways to address social issues such as diversity, equity and inclusion,” says Kocherovsky.

CREW San Francisco is a chapter of the CREW network and gives members direct access to 12,000 commercial real estate professionals in more than 75 major global markets. The organization is dedicated to changing gender trends and closing the parity gap in the economy by supporting women in real estate and providing resources and opportunities to connect, influence and lead.

Known for her ability to lead innovative works of new architecture in existing structures and environments, Kocherovsky excels at creating communicative and integrated teams with impressive results. Her projects with Page & Turnbull included the Martial Cottle Park Visitor Center in San Jose, the Social Hall and Crocker Dining Hall in Asilomar State Park in Pacific Grove, California, and the $ 110 million Walt Disney Family Museum in the Presidio of San Francisco.


Since 1984, CREW SF has been dedicated to transforming corporate gender trends and closing the parity gap by providing women in real estate with the support, resources and opportunity they need to connect, influence and lead. As a chapter of the CREW network, CREW SF also gives our members direct access to 12,000 commercial real estate professionals in over 75 major global markets. More at

About Page & Turnbull

Page & Turnbull is an architecture and planning office that transforms the built environment through design, research and technology. The company is located in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento and consists of three studios: architecture, planning and research of cultural resources and conservation technology. Page & Turnbull employees include licensed architects, designers, historians, planners and restorers with the aim of reconciling historical character with adaptive reuse, objective historical evaluation involving the community and complex design solutions with a technical understanding of historical materials and their preservation . More at

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