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Duro-Last, Inc. introduces Duro-Last X, a custom roll-good membrane solution. Duro-Last X is made with the same formulation as the Duro-Last PVC membrane and is available in rolls 10 feet wide that can be individually cut up to 200 feet in length. This adjustment provides contractors with improved efficiency in roll installations and significantly reduces T-patches, end rolls and scrap.

The Duro-Last X membrane is ideal for contractors looking for the convenience of roll-good solutions combined with custom length adjustment. Duro-Last X is available in 50 mil, 60 mil and 80 mil strengths. It has a smooth matte finish and is also available in standard roll lengths. In addition, Duro-Last X is compatible with the full range of customized accessories from Duro-Last and applies to Duro-Last’s highest warranties, which provide coverage for consequential damage in commercial installations.

“Duro-Last prides itself on being the leader in custom solutions for the commercial roofing industry and we look forward to expanding our product catalog to meet the changing needs of the industry,” said Steve Ruth, vice president of sales operations with Duro load. “The Duro-Last X-Membrane was specially developed for contractors who prefer to work with rolled goods, but who also want to enjoy the efficiency of customer-specific solutions. With the bespoke features of Duro-Last X, contractors can order membrane rolls exactly to their length specifications and dramatically reduce many of the inefficiencies that are common with standard rolled goods. At Duro-Last, we are proud to continue our founder John R. Burt’s legacy of innovation with this next chapter on custom roofing solutions, and we are excited to see how this continues to affect the industry. “

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