Delivering long-term ROI to new construction projects

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As a building contractor or real estate developer, you often have to choose the best window and door styles for different properties. This can become a challenge when tight budgets, building codes, and demand for quality products have to be met.

Because of this, real estate developers must take the use of impact-resistant glass products seriously. Impact windows and doors are a one-time investment in functional, superior products that pay off in the long term.

How do windows and doors differ from conventional products? And how can they offer cost-saving advantages over the years? These are the types of questions I want to answer below.

How does Impact Glass work?

If you see windows and doors as impact resistant, it means the products can withstand strong impacts without breaking or breaking into pieces.

Instead, when an object or severe storms hit windows and doors, the glass forms a contained cobweb pattern. The magic of the striking glass is based on its uniquely designed and layered materials.

The materials commonly found in whipped products and their benefits are listed below.

Aluminum, vinyl or steel frames

The sturdy, sturdy material that the glass frame is made of is very difficult to crack or rust. As a result, it can withstand strong forces even after years of installation.

Tempered glass (outer layer)

The main value of tempered glass, besides durability, is the ability to make properties more energy efficient. It has an accelerated cooling process and higher surface compression that keeps a house cool even in the hottest temperatures.

Heat reinforced glass (inner layer)

Like tempered glass, this inner layer of impact products is compressed with cold and heat during production. This gives it much greater performance and unbreakable properties compared to conventional glass.

Glass film (in heat-reinforced glass)

The glass film incorporated into impact products consists of SGP and PVB materials. This is the same material as windshields. It has five times more tear resistance than cheaper window options to keep the glass from getting into a home, office, facility, etc.

Conclusion: How impact products achieve a long-term ROI

By now, you know that impact windows and doors are different from traditional counterparts in that they protect the properties from severe storms, wind damage, invasions, and more.

But how do these benefits deliver long-term ROI? Here are a few reasons why Impact products can save costs and affect a property’s value and marketability over time.

Reduced energy costs

Air conditioning is essential for those living in tropical climates. It cools a house or building on its many hot days. However, property owners struggle to keep their facilities cool for long.

This is a result of cool air escaping and warm air entering through their apparently closed windows. Electricity bills skyrocket because the air conditioning cannot keep up with the extreme climate.

On the contrary, laminated glass impact windows and doors are compact with a material that will keep homes cooler in summer without the HVAC systems requiring less effort. The laminated glass also contains UV filtering to prevent hot air from entering through the panes of windows and doors on a property.

Extend the life of heating and cooling systems

Since Impact products are more energy efficient than conventional windows and doors, you save even more money than just reduced electricity bills. Air conditioners typically last 5 to 10 years, depending on how often they’re used – with cheaper units breaking even by then.

However, if you install impact windows and doors with extreme insulation, your HVAC equipment won’t have to work as hard to keep a room at the temperature you want. This reduces the load on the air conditioning and heating devices and thus extends their service life. This will save you money by buying these devices over and over again.

Stay in the know when you change house codes and regulations

Over the years, housing developments will be subject to many new regulations, codes, and industry standards to protect the safety of residents and homeowners. For this reason, the installation of impact windows and doors is recommended for use in residential buildings.

Impact products are not only energy efficient, they are also hard to break through. Hurricane speeds struggle to break the shatterproof glass, let alone an intruder. This helps improve the security of a property and gives it a seal of approval for all housing developments.

Discounts on insurance premiums

Many states across the country are offering reduced insurance rates for home owners who have windows and doors installed with impact. Insurance companies reward houses or commercial buildings with impact products because of the increased safety and the reduced risk of property damage. On average, monthly insurance premiums are reduced by 45% when alternatives to risk mitigation such as windows and doors are demonstrated.

Additional benefits of impact products

As we discussed earlier, Impact products are very different from traditional windows and doors based on the materials they’re made of. Because impact resistant products are made from both tempered and laminated glass, they provide contractors with many benefits beyond cost savings. Here are some additional selling points for windows and doors.

Minimal maintenance or replacement

When you invest in a quality product, you don’t have to replace windows often. If an insulating glass window is easily cracked, owners must replace the entire unit. If the window is not replaced, mist will appear on the glass and cannot be removed. This is not the case with whipped products.

Easily customizable

Impact windows and doors offer a wide variety of color and style options. There are many products that match the exterior of a property or even enhance it. This helps improve marketability and curb attractiveness.

Noise reduction

Hitting windows and doors are equipped with soundproofing technology to reduce outside noise. This is extremely beneficial for contractors or real estate developers building in urban areas prone to traffic, construction, and sirens.

Final thoughts

Different types of developers face different stresses when choosing components for the exterior of a property. However, it almost always comes down to cost savings and the creation of attractive, durable homes or real estate buildings. Fortunately, impact windows and doors give you both.

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About the author:

Luis Alvarez is the founder and owner of Alco Windows and Doors. Coming from a family with more than 15 years of experience in the glass and glazing industry, Luis used his background to create a company dedicated to providing quality service and support to those who want to protect their loved ones from severe weather.

Luis is a retired veteran who served in the Marine Corps. He uses his military experience to run Alco effectively. His attention to timeliness guarantees efficient installations aimed at meeting the planned deadlines. His background in preparation and organization ensures flawless window and door projects, regardless of the size of the order. His management experience promises every member of the Alco team a “well-made” way of thinking – from salespeople to installation professionals.

A graduate of Florida International University with a degree in math, Luis takes time to give back to the community by serving as an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College. He believes homes are built around people who support one another and his commitment to his South Florida home ensures Alco Windows and Doors always put customer safety and satisfaction first.

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