DeSantis beats Trump in 2024 White House poll

Former US President Donald Trump meets with Florida Governor DeSantis on Coronavirus Response at the White House in Washington (REUTERS)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis surpassed former President Donald Trump as the favorite for the 2024 presidential candidate in a straw poll of Conservative voters over the weekend.

The Republican governor ousted Mr. Trump with 74 percent of the electorate approving him as a presidential candidate, as opposed to the former president’s roughly 71 percent of the vote.

The results of the online consent polls were announced during the Western Conservative Summit, which was attended by 500 people and tens of thousands attended live.

Those who attended the gathering both in person and online have been asked to vote for any potential White House contenders they see out of 31 both Republican and Democratic elections in 2024.

The former president followed Mr DeSantis in second place, followed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in fourth place, and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

The summit is considered the largest gathering of Conservatives in the western United States and has been conducting polls since 2010, according to The Newsweek.

Decisions included current US President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and Sr. Bernie Sanders. But all of the top 10 candidates turned out to be Republicans.

This is because Mr DeSantis was ranked second after Mr Trump in a poll conducted by the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) – the largest annual gathering of Conservative activists and leaders – in late February.

In the straw poll conducted by CPAC, Trump got 55 percent of the vote, and the Florida governor won 22 percent. Although Mr Trump was banned from the CPAC straw poll results, Mr DeSantis’ votes rose to 41 percent.

He was the first time governor and ally of Trump, who has enjoyed great popularity among conservatives for his stance against the bans and restrictions on Covid-19 since the coronavirus pandemic began. He also recently signed a controversial law banning transgender athletes from participating in sports.

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Participants were also “asked to mark one of the 25 policy issues as being most important to them”. At the top of the results were the topics of immigration / border security, electoral integrity and freedom of religion.

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