Dippin’ Dots is the new unlikely hero of the coronavirus pandemic

During the pandemic, we have seen unlikely heroes emerge. But I don’t think anyone expected Dippin ‘Dots to join those ranks.

However, the “ice of the future” may only be a key component in the distribution of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine.

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The vaccine must be stored at -94 degrees Fahrenheit to effectively fight the coronavirus, which is no easy task for many facilities. Dippin ‘Dots operates freezers that drop to -122 degrees Fahrenheit.

PopSci’s Maddie Bender first reported that we could get lots of tips on how to dispense this vaccine from Dippin ‘Dots, who have managed to successfully distribute their pelleted ice cream on a large scale for years.

Just one super cool science happens these days … https://t.co/6eMK4OqKQ5

– Dippin ‘Dots (@DippinDots) December 15, 2020

These ultra-cold freezers are not the same as those that hold the famous Dippin ‘Dots ice cream, which only needs to stand at -40 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain its iconic shape. Stan Jones, Dippin ‘Dots’ chief development officer, told TODAY Food that the freezers were developed with a subsidiary to provide supercooled storage to other industries, such as medical facilities.

According to TODAY Food’s Kerry Breen, the company has already received inquiries to lease or buy its freezers to store coronavirus vaccines.

“Most of our inquiries come from pharmacies and locations where the vaccines might be given and expecting what they need for storage,” said Jones. “We have received inquiries, but we are not overwhelmed by them.”

Ice cream fans don’t need to worry either – the freezers aren’t used to store actual food afterwards.

Once you’ve vaccinated, you can also party with dippin ‘dots with banana split.

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