DKG Roofing Contractor LLC, a Leading Roofing Contractor in Denton, Offers Superior Roofing Services and Products

Corinth, Texas – DKG Roofing Contractor LLC is a family owned and operated roofing company for Denton County. The roofer with many years of experience has managed to offer the locals roof solutions that are tailored to their needs.

DKG Roofing Contractor LLC is well equipped and knowledgeable about roofing services and products, be it residential or commercial roofs. The company is owned and run by David Gass, an active professional with nearly three decades of experience in the roofing business. In carrying out their roofing work, the experienced team members are guided by David’s philosophy of treating customers right.

The representative of DKG Roofing Contractor LLC described the company’s roofing services as follows: “Our role as general contractor ranges from simple DIY jobs to serious room extensions or conversions. Regardless of the size or type of your project, you can expect DKG Roofing Contractor LLC to deliver the same high standards that we set for our roofing work.

DKG Roofing Contractor LLC specializes in the repair, restoration, maintenance, installation and replacement of residential roofs. Denton’s roofer also works for commercial facilities and buildings, as well as hospitals, schools, religious centers, government buildings and housing projects. DKG Roofing Contractor LLC also does emergency roofing work to solve all roofing problems.

Among the roofing services offered by the contractor, roof inspections play an important role in a property. The roofer is able to identify problems around the roof before they develop into serious problems. The well-trained roofing team checks for leaks, cracks and damage and identifies weak points with attention to detail. With the roof inspections, property owners, both private and commercial, avoid future roof repair costs and protect their properties.

David and his team help households and businesses in and around Denton County with insurance claims. Similar to the roof inspections, the roofers assess the roof damage, accompanied by photo documentation that serves as evidence for the insurance. In addition, the team guides clients through the terminology used in the insurance to simplify the entire application process.

In addition to roofing services, the A + Better Business Bureau contractor also provides chimney services, including chimney sweeps, chimney cleaning and chimney repair. The contractor also takes care of gutters by inspecting, cleaning and repairing damaged sections. DKG Roofing Contractor LLC offers roof window repairs to improve energy efficiency and the appearance of the client’s home. All roofing services and products are covered by the industry-standard guarantees.

Visit the roofing company’s website to learn more about their roofing services or contact them by phone at (940) 497-2833 for appointments. DKG Roofing Contractor LLC is based at 1523 Misty Glen, Corinth, Texas 76210, USA.

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Company Name
DKG Dachdecker GmbH
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David K ​​Gass
(940) 497-2833
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United States

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