Durango roofing business owner sentenced for tax evasion

A 42-year-old Durango man charged with tax evasion in connection with a roofing business was sentenced this week to three months in prison and then to six months in prison this week, according to the US Attorney’s Office.

Ryan Wilkinson must also be released under custody for three years and pay $ 228,300 in restitution. Wilkinson pleaded guilty in October 2020, the US prosecutor said in a statement.

State records indicate that Wilkinson is AMCAT Construction’s registered agent.

The US Attorney’s Office said from January 2015 to December 2017 that Wilkinson made “significant” personal income from his roofing company but had not filed a federal income tax return.

Records show that Wilkinson hired an accountant to assist the QuickBooks for his business, but refused to provide sufficient records and information to keep accurate records of his income and expenses.

Investigators also found that Wilkinson had his company pay the rent for his personal home, made payments for a personal investment, and used the company credit card for personal expenses.

“He directed the accountant to classify these payments as business expenses, even though he was told that these personal expenses could not be classified as business expenses,” the US Attorney General said.

Wilkinson now has a federal crime conviction on his file.

“Mr. Wilkinson ignored his duty to file federal tax returns to avoid paying taxes and is now a convicted felon on prison terms,” ​​Andy Tsui, the special agent in charge, said in a statement.

Wilkinson’s case has been investigated by the IRS Criminal Investigation.

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