EconOdome offers versatile, DIY dome home kits

Illinois-based designer and contractor Wil Fidroeff has been helping people build their own domed houses for 30 years. His company, Faze Change Produx, makes six models of 10-sided DIY dome kits from wood and thermoplastic polyolefin, a type of single-layer roofing material that is inexpensive and extremely durable. The EconOdome frame and triangle plate kits come pre-cut and partially assembled with detailed instructions. If necessary, the company even offers personal advice.

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According to Fidroeff, EconOdome houses are built in a similar way to traditional houses, starting with the foundation and the ground floor. Next, the vertical walls are constructed, followed by the roof frame. Once the walls are high, 130 triangular roof panels join to form the domed top. The 10 equal sides of the dome make it easy to organize.

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Dome roof under construction

“Our two most popular frame kit types are the ‘T-Beam’ frame kit with exposed wooden interior and the more economical ‘Basic’ frame kit. The third type of frame kit is called a “double dome,” “Fidroeff told Inhabiat.” A double dome frame kit can consist of two 2 × 4 Basic EconOdome frame kits (one dome in a larger dome) × 4 EconOdome frame frames for outdoor use as well as an EconOdome frame frame set for indoor use. EconOdome frame kits are most commonly used to build a two-story house over a 10-sided perimeter wall. ”

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worked building dome home frame made of wood

Parts in the frame kit are precisely cut to fit snugly and minimize construction waste. The wood contains pre-drilled holes for stainless steel screws and caps.

Hammock in a dome home

A 26-foot model with full insulation costs around $ 18,000, though the company also offers cheaper options with its smaller models. The 26-foot model is just over 800 square feet and has two floors with a full kitchen on the first floor and a bedroom upstairs. The top floor offers space for a toilet and space for an office or a storage room. The colors available range from white, brown, and light gray, while the interiors feature exposed wood.

Left wooden cupboards in the kitchen of a domed house.  Right wooden frame of a domed house.

A smaller option, the 13-foot Little Dome, retains the signature 10-sided design but reduces the number of roof triangles to 40. People living in tropical climates can opt for Hurricane panels, which are made up of three layers 3/4 exist. Inch plywood and an apex vent to ventilate heat and moisture.

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