Ellenton veteran claims roof was damaged during termite fumigation, wants company to repair

ELLENTON, Fla. (WFLA) – Thomas Sutton had a local pest control company come to his home in late September. He was in Michigan at the time, so he says the entire transaction was over the phone.

When he returned to his 22-year-old home in Ellenton, Sutton said he was upset to find damage to his roof. He said the damage was so bad that part of the roof was leaking.

“I went out there to sit on my couch and it was soaking wet,” said Sutton.

Sutton had repair teams come to his home to get a quote. He says he was told that a total of 32 different parts of his roof were damaged. Repair costs range from $ 5,000 to $ 8,000.

The navy veteran said he had made multiple contacts with the company’s corporate and local offices.

“Eventually they gave me a claim number, so I called the claimant and he said, ‘Well, you signed a waiver. ‘I said,’ I haven’t signed anything. I was in michigan how did i sign it? ‘I said,’ I gave you my credit card over the phone, there was no way I signed a waiver. ‘ “

Sutton said he tried several times to get the company to return to his house and look at the damage, with no luck.

“You won’t be coming back. They won’t even answer my calls, ”Sutton said. “Here I am. I’m stuck. I have no other recourse.”

Sutton turned to 8 On Your Side for help.

Terminix’s Sarasota-based office directed us to corporate offices in Tennessee. A company spokesperson told 8 On Your Side that the service manager and store manager recently left the Sarasota office. This is likely a reason Sutton had problems getting in touch with them. The official also said that the company’s subcontractors were doing the fumigation work at Sutton in Ellenton.

“That’s all I want is my roof fixed. That’s all I ask They ruined it, they fix it, ”Sutton said.

“We are now looking into the matter and plan to schedule a visit to our contractor’s home at the customer’s convenience. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We hope to find a solution for Mr. Sutton soon, “Terminix company representatives wrote in a statement.


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