EPDM Roofing Association Names New ERA Chair

Jennifer Ford-Smith, Director of Product Management and Marketing, Roof Systems at Johns Manville has been appointed new Chairman of the EPDM Roofing Association (ERA) by the Group’s Board of Directors. She replaces David Martiny, Director of Product Management at Firestone Building Products, who will remain on the board.

“The roof industry has seen unprecedented challenges over the past year,” said Ford-Smith. “David Martiny took excellent leadership in this critical phase. ERA is perfectly positioned to lead our industry as we create a resilient future for EPDM membranes and the buildings they protect. I am honored to have this opportunity to serve. “

Ford-Smith has been with Johns Manville for more than a decade, implementing innovative marketing strategies and developing customer-centric sales in B2B and B2C environments. She was also a member of the National Women in Roofing leadership team and a member of the Board of Directors of the National Roofing Contractors Association.

“We are fortunate to have Jennifer leading our efforts,” said Ellen Thorp, Executive Director of ERA. “This is a challenging time for EPDM makers and no one is better placed than Jennifer to help us seize the opportunities that I am sure are ahead of us.”

The EPDM Roofing Association (ERA) is the first trade association to exclusively represent the manufacturers of single-layer EPDM roofing products and their leading suppliers. Providing technical and research support to the public and the construction industry, ERA communicates the longstanding properties, consistency and value proposition of EPDM rubber membrane roofing materials.

More information about ERA can be found at www.epdmroofs.org.

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