Father-daughter roofing team talks ice, snow damage in Odessa

ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Ice cream turns to slush quickly.

“At the moment, a lot of people are calling and saying that they have leaks,” said Raul Zamora, founder of Top Boss Roofing in Odessa.

In warmer weather, the problem some homeowners see in the pool is when the ice melts.

“It’s urgent. It’s very urgent,” said Rene Zamora of Top Boss Roofing.

Raul and Rene are a father-daughter team. They invited ABC Big 2 to see their work in a house on 2nd Street. First they had to work on a chimney.

“Creatures try to get in there. The vents are trying to get in there because it’s cold out here, ”said Raul Zamora.

This is also how cold air can get into a house. Zamora screwed the chimney down with rubber grommets and some 2-inch screws. The second task was to cover several wind turbines on the roof to keep the hot air inside.

Major problems are expected, however. With remains of ice and snow on the roofs of Odessa, Zamora said it could be dangerous for older roofs. Ice and snow can cause shingles to crack, which can lead to leaks and then stone damage.

According to Rene Zamora, snow and ice affect all types of roofs.

“Metals and clapboards, mostly specifically on these apartments,” said Rene Zamora.

Flat roofs are particularly damaged because snow and ice can transform them into what is known as a swimming pool.

Top Boss Roofing is located at 2408 W. 2nd Street in Odessa.

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