Fears that historic Fermoy church roof and steeple could collapse

Council engineers are due to inspect a historic building in North Cork amid fears the roof and iconic church tower could collapse.

The issue was recently discussed at a Fermoy Town Council meeting after it was raised by Fianna Fáils Alderman Frank O’Flynn.

He asked the council officials to investigate the decay of the (former) monastery church in Fermoy and its iconic steeple.

He said this was important in two ways. Safety is the main issue, he said, but the building is very important in terms of the city’s heritage and history.

The building has been an important part of the city’s skyline for generations and is immediately recognizable to everyone, whether in transit or in the area.

Mr. O’Flynn claimed a plan was needed to secure the structure in the short term and restore it in the longer term.

“The roof and the church tower are in very poor condition. Slate is falling off and people are concerned that if the whole roof collapses, the whole roof will collapse, ”added Mr. O’Flynn.

District office manager Pauline Moriarty pointed out that the building was privately owned, but she would hire city engineers to inspect it.

She said it was under new ownership and she will be in touch with the new owners as well because they may have their own plans to secure it.

Fine Gael Alderman Noel McCarthy, who runs a store near the building, said he fully supports Mr. O’Flynn’s calls.

“I’ve had a lot of comments from locals about this,” McCarthy said.

“Hopefully we’ll get a good result,” he added.

The building must be taken in hand, said Mr. O’Flynn.

“We cannot afford to lose it,” added Mr. O’Flynn.

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