Matt Kush and Selina are excited to announce the opening of Cafe Kush on Monday December 8th. Located in the heart of MiMo, this Miami-style bistro is open daily for lunch and dinner.

Playful of the neighborhood’s Art Deco vibe, the hotel’s motel style, and relaxing waterfront views, this funky cafe brings guests to their own Miami Riviera. In typical Kush style, the cafe’s walls are adorned with vintage thrifty décor and a collection of personal artifacts from Matt’s family (a vintage French hat box and sauce book, to name a few). These carefully selected items create a unique atmosphere and add a touch of Parisian flair. The restaurant transforms into a euro-style river cafe with a touch of 305 on the face.

Serving bistro classics such as French onion soup, croque monsieurs, ratatouille and frog legs, as well as classic Kush burgers, chicken waffles and lime cakes, this restaurant offers you the best of American and bistro cuisine.

When it comes to the café’s cocktails, the devil is in the details. From homemade vermouth on the left side of the table, calculated by consumption, to cocktails served in cigar boxes and refined with splashes from vintage perfume bottles, each one is special. In addition to the cafe’s eight cocktails, the cafe will also serve a collection of wines from France and beyond and of course Kush’s local signature beers like their own Kaptain Kush from Tank Brewing Co.

The restaurant, similar to the hotel, has revitalized an existing dining room to recreate the old one. Selina Miami Gold Dust was built in 1957 and is a landmark of the motel. This neighborhood on Biscayne Boulevard was once “the motel capital of Miami” and had some famous residences along the way when Hugh Hefner opened his first satellite playboy club just across the street in 1961. Selina, who restored the old motel and opened the property early last month, fused the iconic retro vibes of Miami’s past with the exciting energy and strong artistic culture of the present. The cafe shows the artistic direction of Selina Miami Gold Dust and displays a collection of local Miami artists. Click here to find out all about the featured artists and vintage staff featured throughout the property.

Additionally, Matt and Selina will be opening Don’s 5-star dive bar below the cafe later next year. This bar is named and themed after the famous Miami Don’s from the 70s and 80s and is slated to open in early 2021.

Visit www.kushhospitality.com to read the full menu or to reserve a table at Cafe Kush. Oh, and if you’re popping in for a bite, be sure to leave your mark on the café-owned version of the Pont des Arts.

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