Florida woman dies 2 weeks after being struck by lightning during roof repair with 5 others – News – The Ledger

The Associated Press

According to authorities, 20-year-old Romelia Ramirez died two weeks after a lightning strike while repairing a roof in Florida with five employees.

WELLINGTON – Authorities say a 20-year-old woman died two weeks after being struck by lightning while repairing a roof in Florida.

Palm Beach County Sheriff officials said in a press release that Romelia Ramirez died from her injuries on Friday. She and five male employees were struck by lightning on July 30th.

Officials say Ramirez was standing near an air conditioner when she received a direct hit from lightning that knocked her to the ground from the top of a two-story townhouse. Another worker was kicked by a ladder and hit his head. He survived his injuries. The other four workers were treated on the scene or in a hospital and sent home.

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