Foam shortage has roofing projects stuck at a standstill

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – Drive through a neighborhood in South Florida and you will likely see a rooftop project underway.

However, due to a lack of foam, many of these projects have stalled.

You can think of the foam as the glue that holds your roof tiles in place. It’s hard to come by right now, in large part because of the winter storm that hit Texas last month.

“Apparently there was a freeze at the main manufacturer in Houston and that stopped all foam production,” says Junior Morejon of JM Roofing.

According to Paul Bange of Paul Bange Roofing, foam is the most common option.

“We have other options. We could nail or screw the tiles in place, but we prefer foam. I think it fits better, ”says Bange.

All over South Florida and the southeastern United States, roofers are crawling and paying high prices for the small amounts of foam they can find.

And unfortunately the roofers say that the existing offer will not last long.


“The supply we were able to find will take about two weeks,” said Morejon. “Two or three more projects, and then we’re at the mercy of the manufacturers or dealers. … that’s a pretty big deal. All of our colleagues are currently in the same situation. “

Bange says, “It’s a big deal. I hear it will shut the tile industry down for up to two months, maybe longer. I heard April 30th, I heard June. I called my supplier a little early and he said we should have it sometime in April, but does anyone really know? “

Switching from foam to nails or screws can also be approved by the municipality where a house is located – and this process can take anywhere from a week to a few months.

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