Foot, ankle surgeon tells how to protect feet with home DIY projects

Did you know that many home and garden projects pose hidden dangers to your feet? However, the good news according to foot and ankle surgeons is that most injuries are preventable if you take proper precautions.

Dr. Amber Shane, a foot and ankle surgeon in Orlando, Florida and a fellow member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, sees many patients with foot and ankle injuries from home improvement projects gone wrong.

“Feet may be the last thing people think about when they work on home improvement projects, but we see so many different types of foot and ankle injuries in our office, many of which can be avoided with the right footwear and extra care,” says Shane.

Shane advises people not to work barefoot or in sandals on projects around the house, even if they seem harmless, such as walking around the house. B. washing decks or using a ladder.

Shane said if you don’t pay close attention while washing and you don’t have a tight grip on the machine, the jet from the washing machine can hit your feet and not your intended item.

“The pressure of a high-pressure washer is strong enough to remove the superficial layer of skin, especially on the toes. So it is best to wear fully enclosed shoes to avoid injury or skin damage, ”she said.

Shane recommends wearing sturdy, supportive shoes with good profiles for roofing jobs or projects that involve climbing and descending a ladder.

“Sturdy shoes provide the right traction to ensure a good grip and prevent any slipping. Repeated climbing on ladders without proper support can lead to injuries, including stress fractures and neuromas or nerve compression, “she said.

When working on wooden surfaces such as patios or floors, it is best to wear closed-toe shoes to protect your feet from splinters or stab wounds from nails or splinters of wood.

“To protect your feet from injury, avoid wearing flip-flops or soft-soled shoes, such as popular foam clogs, while in a construction site with exposed wood,” Shane said.

If an injury occurs, Shane recommends contacting a foot and ankle surgeon for proper examination and treatment, or if the injury is severe, go to the nearest emergency room.

To find a foot and ankle surgeon near you and for more tips on keeping feet healthy, visit the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons Patient Education website at

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