Forsyth County company steps in to give longtime resident a free roof

Hopewell had just finished last year’s project when it received a call from Glenn Bowman, program coordinator at Place of Forsyth County. He knew Hawkins and that their roof was in disrepair. Could Hopewell Help?

Hopewell’s schedule was hectic, said owner Andy Morrison, “but I told him if she could hold out a little, I’d get her asap.”

Morrison sent one of Hopewell’s project managers to Hawkins home a few months later and found the situation was dire. The roof came in; Two large blue tarpaulins kept the house from being fully exposed to the elements. Hawkins was locked in her living room where she had moved all of her belongings to keep them from being damaged. There, too, the ceiling showed signs of caving.

“It probably had about 40 square feet of floor space,” said Morrison. “… It was sad to think that it had come to this point.”

Hopewell’s crew got to work. They replaced the entire roof structure, rafters and everything, and essentially rebuilt the top half of the house.

Hawkins’ father built the humble two bedroom, one bath house on Heardsville Road in 1965.

“I think my dad would love it,” said Hawkins. “I think while he’s in heaven I would like to think that maybe he talked to God and asked God to bring someone so that I could put a new roof on.”

Morrison was glad Hopewell could be the one to help.

“We’re really happy to do it,” said Morrison. “And they all got it together really well, considering what’s going on with the coronavirus.”

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