Forsyth County students, teachers model new jewelry collection to help provide clean water to Kenyan communities

Forsyth County’s teachers and students recently modeled bracelets and necklaces in a photo shoot for Just One Africa’s Game Day collection and participated in the fundraiser, which works to bring clean water to communities in Kenya.

The South Forsyth-based organization recently released the Game Day collection, which features trinkets that will suit college sports teams in the United States. The pearl necklaces and bracelets are all handmade and rolled from recycled magazines by women of the Maasai tribe in Kenya.

The new collection also coincides with Just One Africa’s # bo4so campaign. The hashtag, which stands for Be One For Someone, is meant to encourage locals to create global change in their community.

“You are invited to use the # bo4so when wearing Just One Africa items or when you see caring and sharing happening in your community,” said Program Director Christina Hightower.

The organization works to bring clean and safe drinking water to the people of Kenya. One of the many ways that Just One Africa officials can raise money for their clean water program is through the sale of the pearl jewelry.

For every item sold, the organization can provide 200,000 gallons of clean water to a family in need.

“Just One Africa works with local, national and international schools to teach about the global water crisis and how local engagement can have a direct impact,” said Hightower. “The Beads for Water program is used as a practical facilitator to demonstrate the power a person can create.”

By working with community leaders in Kenya, Just One Africa has helped almost 150,000 people have access to safe drinking water. The organization has also helped create sustainability programs in central and southern Kenya to promote growth and health in these communities.

More information about Just One Africa and its work in Kenya can be found at To support the organization’s Clean Water program and purchase handcrafted pearl jewelry, visit

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