Forza Forni (the world’s leading supplier of authentic Italian ovens for commercial, mobile and home use) proudly announces the appointment of world-famous Chef Mark Hopper as Culinary Director.

Mark has a diverse background in upscale and casual dining, most notably with the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group (TKRG) as Executive Chef of Casual Dining, Chef de Cuisine of the Bouchon Bistro and Sous Chef of the famous French laundry. Mark also founded and owned the Vignette Pizzeria, recognized as one of the most popular Neapolitan pizzerias in the Bay Area of ​​California.

Mark’s role at Forza Forni was created to support all customers by:

  • Development of a full-service consulting program for commercial customers worldwide.
  • Establishment of an Authentic Education program in the HQ test kitchen with courses and demonstrations for our commercial, corporate and private customers from all over the world.
  • Assisting the Forza Forni sales team in planning and designing to meet each customer’s needs, attending and presenting exhibition classes and demonstrations
  • Finally, create an exclusive Forza Forni recipe database.

On March 27-28, Mark will be teaching her first Authentic Education class of 2021 at the Forza Forni headquarters and test kitchen in Brewster, New York. This exclusive class focuses on starting a mobile pizza operation from concept to cooking with fire to menu development and introduction. For more information on this class, see the course description landing page here.

Forza Forni founder and CEO Peter de Jong explains: “Just letting Mark walk through the halls of our headquarters brings a level of culinary knowledge that is second to none. His expertise and vision will bring our customers much more than just pizza recipes, he will give them an opportunity. “Chef Mark adds,” As an industry leader, it is our responsibility to inspire chefs to think about pizza in new ways. Our goal is to bring new ingredients into our ovens that allow chefs to tell their story with their food. “

Peter de Jong and Mark Hopper are available for comments and interviews.

Video clip from Consulting Services.

Video clip about the living stove.

Commercial oven video clip.

Mobile Oven video clip.

About Forza Forni: Forza Forni was founded in 2004 and is a world leader in making authentic Italian wood-fired pizza ovens. Forza Forni specializes in a wide range of ovens and products for the wood-burning and pizza industries and is known for making authentic Italian wood-fired ovens for many of the most prestigious restaurants and establishments in the world. Forza Forni also offers a full range of indoor and outdoor ovens and accessories for the home. Read more at

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