Free roof replacements in Waco again on offer from Grassroots | Local News

The local office of the Associated General Contractors of America reported Thursday that the city of Waco issued 202 roofing permits between July 1 and Thursday, almost twice as many as in the same period last year.

This figure does not include the totals for the suburbs of Waco.

According to Stone, Grassroots has a group of contractors applying to replace roofs but welcomes the participation of other crews, especially local crews.

He said the company is focused more on replacing roofs than repairing them. Customers receive new terraces if the existing layer is damaged or missing, as well as an underlay, the roof itself and metal bolts.

According to Stone, Grassroots is working with the City of Waco and nonprofits to address problems with homes next to poor roofs.

“We’re not going to put a roof on a house in dire need of other repairs, and those who are doing repairs to the house won’t spend the time and expense mending a place with a bad roof,” said Stone.

“It all starts with the roof,” he said. “If there is a leak, the interior will rot.”

Grassroots also deals with repairs and new builds.

Site manager ML Dickey said the crews built 65 homes, mostly in North Waco, and extensively repaired 17 older homes. It receives grants and private donations, Dickey said.

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