From Roofing to Insulation, Custom Sized Polycarbonate Multiwall Expands Its Versatility

Twin-wall polycarbonate sheet from Interstate Plastics

Interstate Plastics now offers solutions for multi-wall polycarbonate applications where standard options do not work.

Trimming helps consumers ensure that the material they receive is ready to use without trimming. This increases the versatility of multiple polycarbonate panels in a wide variety of applications. “

– Christopher Isar

SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES, Oct. 21, 2021 / – Interstate Plastics now offers solutions for multi-wall and double-wall polycarbonate applications with non-standard dimensions. As the leading supplier and main distributor of multi-skin polycarbonate sheets and accessories, Interstate Plastics now offers cutting options for custom roofing, glazing and restraint projects where standard options do not work.

Polycarbonate multiple sheets are one of the few roof, glazing and insulation materials that offer an excellent combination of durability, weather resistance and ease of installation. Multiwall is a popular building material and comes in standard dimensions that allow easy planning and installation. However, the standard dimensions of multi-skin sheets do not always meet the requirements of a project.

Interstate Plastics’ Cut-to-Size Polycarbonate Twin-Wall Sheets add flexibility to otherwise standard sheet sizes and allow Twin-Wall Sheets to be used in projects where traditional sheets would be too large. From roofs and glazing to greenhouses, skylights, patio canopies, and hurricane and storm panels, Interstate Plastics’ cutting service makes double wall and double wall walls more versatile than ever.

Twin-wall sheets made of polycarbonate are known for their low weight, their impact resistance and their high light transmission. Its unique cell structure gives it flexibility and a weight that is up to twelve times lighter than glass. Double-walled double-walled panels trap air between the panels to increase their insulation strength, making double-walled double-walled panels excellent thermal insulation as there is no significant heat transfer. Multiple layers of polycarbonate sheets add strength, rigidity and increased insulation, making the double wall virtually unbreakable in the event of hard impacts.

Double-walled polycarbonate has excellent translucent and reflective properties. A co-extrusion process protects the web and double web from the harmful effects of UV radiation – they do not discolor or decompose if they are exposed to long-term solar radiation. This UV protection only lets through useful infrared light – a helpful property that promotes ideal plant growth in greenhouses. Polycarbonate double and multiple walls are highly flammable and can withstand extreme temperatures from -40 ° F to 240 F.

The physical properties of polycarbonate multiple walls make it suitable for more than just roofing and glazing. Twin-wall sheets are a fantastic choice for restraint systems because of their excellent thermal insulation, longevity, durability and economy. Data center configurations use polycarbonate multiple and double walls as physical barriers separating the hot and cold aisles and preventing significant heat transfer. This isolation saves money by reducing the amount of energy required to keep servers at standard operating temperatures.

To learn more about bespoke cavity or cavity wall applications and their roofing, glazing, home improvement, and enclosure applications, call Interstate Plastics’ plastics experts at (888) 768-5759.

Interstate Plastics is a full-line distributor of plastic sheets, rods, tubes, rods, foils, profiles and plastic accessories, tools and care products. With 10 locations across the country and an online sales and support team, Interstate Plastics offers complete sheets and pallets, simple cutting services and complex CNC manufacturing. Interstate Plastics is known for its reputation for selling high quality products, providing excellent customer service, and excellent technical support. Our products and services are available through the secure and convenient shopping system on the Interstate Plastics website. For instant assistance, we’re always a phone call away at (888) 768-5759.

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